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    Aug 2003
    Hi peeps,

    i'm pretty sure a few fellow posters went through this ordeal yesterday. While getting in was simple enough, we spent about an hour in traffic before we got out.

    Ganito rin last year; naipit din kami in transit for more than an hour.

    The irony is that for the past two years, even if, unfortunately, there seems to be more "residents" in the park, the volume of visitors seem to be diminishing....yet the traffic has gone to hell. For the first few years that we visited the place, hindi naman ganun. And to think they've even fielded the army to help direct traffic.

    Any idea why this is so? From what i've noticed, parang nagkaron ng rerouting beginning 2007.

    Anyways, at least it's done. Mag iisip na lang kami ng bagong strategy next year. Maybe we'll just leave the car outside and walk into the park.

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    Jul 2006
    Just go a day earlier, or two, it doesn't really matter that you go on the said holiday. What matters is you just visit your deceased relatives. That way iwas traffic na rin.

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    Feb 2008
    That is why for the past 6 years our family goes to the cemetery the Sunday before November 1 to avoid the traffic and inconveniences.

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    Feb 2005
    Nothing new. taon taon naman trapik dyan pag undas.

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    Oct 2002
    I'm even surprised why you're still wondering bakit traffic pag all saint's day?

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    I'm even surprised why you're still wondering bakit traffic pag all saint's day?
    it's just that it wasn't that bad a few years ago. we've been giong there every nov.1 , pero umpisang last year lang talaga sumama ng ganyan yung traffic...or else i wouldn't have been ranting about it today

    feeling ko kasi me binago sila sa diskarte kaya lumala ung traffic

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    Dec 2005

    We were in Sucat Road in that area around 5PM last October31 and I was really getting worried because of the infamous traffic in the area. There were already a lot of cars and people in the cemetery and traffic was building up fast. We needed to go home (from work) as the kids are attending a Trick or Treat affair in our village.

    Going to Kabihasnan, the rightmost lane was limited to public transport, the leftmost lane was limited to those entering the park while the middle lane, to those going straight. Vehicle traffic was building up and I was telling my wife that it would be very hard to go out of the cemetery unless they have very good traffic management. Iyon pala, ganoon na nga ang nangyari....

    Pero, ganoon din sa ibang cemeteries bro. Sobra rin ang traffic...


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