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    Oct 2002
    swerte pa din kami. regular kami sa cebipacific, so far no bad experience except sa super tagal ng kanilang refund.

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    Sep 2008
    this is soo true.. happened to our trip to Iloilo last Christmas to my girlfriend. ours was even worse, since they overbook by 10%, we were denied the flight which was closed 1.5 hours ahead of boarding time! let me reiterate, 1.5 hours! we came in 2 hours before boarding time and we were in line...

    since it was Christmas, instead of arguing with the security guard and the manager, we instinctively sneaked out of the raving-mad crowd and went to cashier asap to purchase tickets for the next flights available which costed 5K each!

    bottom-line, they said the plane was full and it became first come, first serve basis. no refunds, and no rebooking... luckily we were able to secure seats 3 flight skeds later since we can't afford to waste company leaves filed for the trip.

    sobrang hassle yang CebuPac. now, when we travel, we go there 3 hours before flight, check in our things, then just eat sa 3rd floor ng airport or sleep.

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    Nov 2002
    maybe that explains, why their fare is very low, compared with other airlines. I myself have availed of their promos, and luckily, i have never had any major problems. Maybe the technique to having a hassleless travel with cebupac, is to follow their advice. Come earlier or at least on time, anticipate if you think there are a lot of passengers queuing or road trip to airport is traffic.

    As they say, you get what you pay for with their service.

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    May 2006
    ^^Precisely, you get monkeys when you pay peanuts

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    Jun 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    ^^Precisely, you get monkeys when you pay peanuts
    I just hope they don't sacrifice safety practices as far as plane maintenance is concerned.

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    Dec 2005
    ^^^ Same here. Delikado ang sobrang pagtitipid....


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    Jul 2006
    personally ive had several flights with cebupac and I didnt encounter any problems other than a 30 minute delay in one flight. maybe im just lucky though.
    i believe the policy is that if you cannot be accomodated in a flight (because of overbooking and/or you came in late) is that you can have a refund but less some fee or penalty. im not sure though.
    if its overbooking and cebupac forfeits your fare, then thats fraud. again, thats why its an easy case and that why I thought that it would be too good (if you're the lawyer) and bad if you're the commuter) to be true.
    can anybody actually confirm that they forfeit fares because of overbooking?

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    Nov 2002
    may experience din ako.. last week i was in cebu via cebu pacific... return flight on feb4.. due to personal skeds, i had to change my flight 1 flight earlier coming back from cebu to manila.. so i did it on time and online.. so i got charged rebooking... okay lang since hindi naman nila fault yun...

    by feb3, i got an email from them, and a call from their call center that the flight was going to be delayed by an hour... so i asked if i can just rebook to an earlier flight.. they told me na hindi puwede since 1 hour delayed lang ang flight... in effect.. i will be arriving at the same time as my original booking... which is already late na for my appoiintment...

    nung dumating ako sa airport to check in... may mga signs posted sa line na delayed by another hour ang flight... so.. walang magawa... intay na lang... nasa boarding area na ako, about to get a back massage, when bigla ko narinig boarding call for my flight, which was 1.5 hours early!!!! gulat ako...

    nung pagdating ko sa boarding gate.. tinanong ko.. akala ko delayed... by 2 hours... ang sagot sa akin.. nahabol daw yung plane kaya on time na lang... kung sakali pala na i made different arrangements (dahil sa email and call sa akin that the flight would be delayed by 1 hour)... masasarhan ako ng check in counter...

    and in the end kapag mag rebook na dahil sa changes nila, hindi pupuwede i rebook or i get charged rebooking fee?

    ewan ko.. next time first option ko na would be the other airline..
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    Nov 2008
    buti na lang at sa other airlines kami sumasakay.

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    Nov 2002
    i had good and bad experience with cebupac, onboard to manila from kalibo, our flight was delayed for 2 hours, though they gave us jollibee meals, but the hassle was there.


    we are almost late for boarding and i called my patient to assist me in checking in luckily she made it all for us that we are able to take the flight just in time, before it closes, that was going to and coming from davao.

    another roundtrip flight to legaspi, we left the airport 10 minutes ahead because all passenger has boarded. the flight was on time=)

    sometimes the delays are not because of the plane but because of the weather condition, a plane before was delayed, and ultimately the plane is delayed due to late passengers, passengers who opt to be VIP and late bookers, because the plane wants to be full before it take off...

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