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    Oct 2002
    I got this via my email...

    ----- Forwarded Message ----

    From: Mary Jackyln Obispo Abanes <Abanes.Obispo* damacgroup. com>

    Sent: Mon, February 8, 2010 3:00:40 PM



    --- On Tue, 1/26/10, Marlon Bano <marlon_bano*>wrote:


    "My name is Elma Revillame. I had a confirmed flight with Cebu Pacific, flight 5J476, Bacolod-Manila, Sunday, Jan 17, 2010, departing time 1045H. My friend drove me down the airport and actually saw airport clock at 945AM. We were both confident to be on time. (By practice, you have to be in the airport an hour before the flight, right?)

    As I was falling in line at the check-in counter (there were at least five people ahead of me), the counter suddenly closed. A security guard then approached all of us in line, got our tickets and wrote the time. Mine was indicated 1005AM. I didn’t contest because, unaware of their intent, I also noticed at THAT time, it was already 1005 AM. I later realized they were going to use indicated time as “TIME OF ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT”, and NOT as time they closed the counter. THE FLIGHT WAS FULL.

    All of us in line waiting were then escorted to the station manager of Cebu Pacific, Bacolod -Silay Airport, MS MENBAH MALTE. She then announced all our “confirmed seats” were forfeited for being late, NO REFUND, NO REBOOKING. She said this to 15 people who ‘weren’t late’ but unfortunately, were excess to the full capacity of the plane. I managed to get some names of the passengers who fall victim of this flight, here are their names and corresponding time written by the guard:

    1. Conrado M. Duran Jr. , 1003AM

    2. Rolando P. Duray, 1004 AM

    3. Elma Revillame, 1005 AM

    4. Mario Constantino Jr, 1005AM

    5. Welyan Quia-ong, 1009AM

    Naturally, we all argued. All of us were totally surprised of the announcement, especially there is NO REFUND AND NO REBOOKING. To note, most of the passengers I was with then were newly-graduated students who were on their way to Manila to take the board exam on Monday, January 17, 2010 . Surely, money is an issue for them, and no outright cash to purchase another ticket. (If I haven’t withdrawn some money earlier, I wouldn’t have cash to buy another ticket with Zest Aire!)

    To add insult to injury, the flight was DELAYED TO 12NN, 1 hour and 15mins DELAY!!! We continued arguing because obviously they had ample time to accommodate us for the delayed flight, SHOULD the issue be indeed the fact that we were late. But noooohhh, the issue here is THE FLIGHT WAS OVERBOOKED!! !

    We argued and reasoned to the station manager for over an hour (to note the plane hasn’t departed at that time yet) regarding the overbooking, but what MS MENBAH MALTE could only say is that the Aviation Board allows them to overbook by 10% of the plane’s capacity. The big confusion is, should the 110% arrives on time (like what happened to 15 of us), what are they going to do? Ms Malte simply said, we’re going to rebook the rest of the passengers to the next flight! And so, why weren’t we accommodated then??? Because the guard wrote 3-9mins late in our tickets MISCHIEVOUSLY! !! (they emphasized counter closes 45mins before flight) BUT THE FLIGHT WAS DELAYED TO 12NN!!!!!

    The truest issue here is THE FLIGHT WAS OVERBOOKED, and sadly we were last in line. It should be okay if we get a refund, or get rebooked to the next flight SINCE WE PAID FOR IT!!!! But alas! No! Cebu Pacific is going to get all our money, without giving us the service that we seek.

    Last straw is, I just learned that for a regular or promo ticket, you CANNOT REFUND OR REBOOK YOUR TICKET IF YOU DIDN’T CONFIRM FLIGHT TWO DAYS PRIOR… Ergo, If you’re 1min late (from the 45min cutoff), say bye-bye to your money…. I run the figure in my head, CEBU PACIFIC HAS SWINDLED OVER P35,000 for that flight alone!!!!! No wonder they became number one!!! They swindle all unknowing passengers!! !!

    My message (and well I speak for the many of us being swindled): Are we just going allow Cebu Pacific to continue reaping off money to unknowing victims, like us??? Should we really allow them to overbook 10% and just say to those last in line, “Sorry, you’re forfeited, NO REFUND NO REBOOKING –Ergo, thank you, you have just been

    Would DTI or whoever allow this to continue, the abuse of so many victims?

    I talked to some security and airport personnel, they reportedly said, “Ma’am madalas nangyayari yan dito, gina-into lang kamo ng Cebu Pacific” (That happens all the time, Cebu Pacific keeps deceiving their passengers). Whoah! That’s truly alarming!

    I sincerely hope this gets to you, your loved ones and your friends. I truly hope nobody gets fooled again by this company! This is really really really alarming! Over P40K A FLIGHT???? That’s huge swindling!!! ! And should we count all their flights nationwide, and well, globally, OMG!!! You do the math!!!!

    I also hope our fellowmen gets to hear our story. Ok lang sana kung ako lang eh, pero napakarami namen, and this became normal to all personnel at Cebu Pacific! Ang tigas na nga ni Menbah Malte eh....

    Sanay na sanay na... You can't even feel a dash of remorse from them, pocketing average P2500 from each of us! Over FORTY THOUSAND PESOS PER FLIGHT?!?!?! Grabeh!

    Sincerely (from the friend who was driving Elma to the airport),

    Ivy Rozina Castro y Mondoñedo

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    Jul 2006
    i doubt the accuracy of the account as stated by the email sender - having read countless propaganda/hoaxes made by competing businesses. i find it hard to believe that Cebu Pacific would be so brazen in violating the rights of the commuting public. but if its true.... hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned!!!! this would be a very easy case, again, if it is true.

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Tailhook View Post
    i find it hard to believe that Cebu Pacific would be so brazen in violating the rights of the commuting public.
    Then you don't know Cebu Pacific at all. They cancel and postpone flights at will with no regard to passengers. Overbooking is a normal practice to counter the occurrence of No-shows. But at a risk to the customers.

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    May 2006
    Marami na kong naririnig na ganyan sa Cebupac, from a friend who works mismo sa airport. Ang siste daw kasi diyan, talagang pang masa ang Cebupac, talagang tinitipid daw lahat ng aspeto, kaya ang sabi niya ( my friend) kung gusto mo ng magandang serbisyo dun ka sa mas mahal. pero kung gusto mo makamura medyo yan nga ang risk, badass service

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    Nov 2008
    buti na lang tinuloy nung misis na may anak na autism ang pagdemanda sa cebupacific. hindi porke malaking company sila eh pwede ng gawin ang gusto nilang gawin sa atin.

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    Mar 2009
    Oo walang kwenta talaga ang Cebu Pacific. Laging delayed ang flight ! Parang wala pang instance na hindi sila nadedelay.

    Meron pa nga yan eh ... nawala ang A/C ng cebu pacific dati.

    Tsaka, hindi libre ang pagkain nila duon. :bwahaha:

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    Nov 2002
    alam ko may iba pang nagfile ng case sa court similar to this. overooking nga ang practice ng cebu pac. ang kalokohan dun, lumalabas rebooking ang gagawin mo sa babayad ka pa ng additional. madalas rin delayed kasi overused ang mga planes nila.

    anyway, zest air naman nagcocompress ng passengers so may times na icacancel yung flight. ang difference lang is at least they have the courtesy to transfer you to another of their flights or even to other airlines for free.

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    Aug 2009
    IMO, coz of the bad relationship with other airline kaya hindi sila makapag pa transfer sa ibang airlines. Sila lang ba nagamit ng Terminal III?Bakit kaya parang pinaboran sila na gumamit ng bagong airport?

    Imagine this kahit imposible, SY of SM and Gokongwei will merge as partner sa airline business?

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    Aug 2005
    Bupak Sucks!...dapat 2 hours ka nasa airport for domestic and 3 hours for international travel.

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    Jun 2006
    2x na din kami na biktima ng Cebu Pacific sa service nila. Masyado nila tinitipid mga customer nila

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