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    Jun 2007
    Well, ito nga at pinag-isipan pa syempre. depende sa budget hehehe.

    syempre una yung paborito ni mahal... so ano kaya this year?...teka maipagtanong nga sa inyo kung ano "in" ngayong panahon.

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    Jun 2006
    iMac 24" (the latest one!)
    Undies she wants you to buy for her.
    That job in the house she's been asking you for so long to do.
    Beach hopping around the country na kayong 2 lang.
    Buy her a beach.
    Take her out on a weeklong vacation, anywhere she wants.\

    etc etc

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    Apr 2006
    gusto nya ay - be a loyal partner!

    * gizmos - if techie sya (cellphone, ipod, etc.)
    * clothes, shoes and accessories - if fashionista
    * household tool / appliance - if she's a wonderful housewife that takes care of the house all the time
    * food/chocolates - if she's into sweets/munchies

    ang diskarte jan, ask her indirectly something like the following:

    "lately wala akong nakikitang bago sayo, ano ba type mo bilhin, pero di mo pa mabili? at bakit?"

    dalin mo sya sa mall and let her stroll, pag may natitigan sya at inusisa pero di pa binili, malamang type nya yun. in that moment, ask mo sya "mukang okay yan, pero worth ba bilhin yan?" kapag pinaglaban na ok, gusto nya un! madalas naman pag nakita palang nya yun maaamaze sya telling na gusto nya yun.

    conversate with her palagi, para makwento nya kung anu trip nya bilhin. malalaman mo rin kung anu pangangailangan nya. make sure lang na mauunahan mo syang bumili as present before nya bilhin yun for herself.

    lastly, try to buy and give her a gift package na andun ang top 3 na sa tingin mo magugustuhan nya. purpose:

    1. matutuwa sya dahil marami kang bigay.
    2. mas matutuwa sya kung magustuhan nya lahat.
    3. at least isa man lang dun tiyak na magugustuhan nya.

    from experience, these worked all the time try it!!!

    in fact, anything maliit o malaki would be appreciated!!! ang important, yung effort and thought mo to give her a present.

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    May 2006
    Naku ayan na magpapasko na talaga Ambilis ng panahon...

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    Oct 2002
    i hear that electronics is going to be big again this year.

    Apple stuff - iPod, iPon, Macs
    Sony stuff - PS3, Bravia, Blu-ray, Vaio
    flat screen tv's
    personal computers or laptops

    speaking for myself i would rather receive a vacation package to one of my "5 Best" places (details on another thread) or clothes.

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    May 2007
    :santas: For me, one of the best Christmas gifts that I can suggest is an intimate dinner for two if its for your wife. If she's the one cooking all the time, surprise her one evening and cook for her. Set the mood by lighting up candles, play jazz christmas carols, pour her the finest champagne and of course, serve her sumptuous food that you prepared just for her. Just make sure the kids are out para walang istorbo sa inyo! Who knows what happens next? (hehehehehe) :date:

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    May 2007
    a laptop for myself. so i can bring it anywhere i go na me wifi... para laging makapag browse sa

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    Jun 2007
    If she's fond of reading, a nice book that she wants/can relate to - with a nice cheesy dedication hehe

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    Dec 2005
    Jewelry. You can never go wrong here....


  10. #10
    nakow! ber months na nga pala!

    ..uhhmm para kanino ba gift?

    kung para sa asawa/gf siguro quality time na lang.. hehehe :naughty2:

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Best gift this CHRISTMAS any suggestion?  Ano ba "in" ngayon?