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    Nov 2007
    any one tried it?

    is it worthy?

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    Oct 2002
    I normally avoid these water parks... kinda crowded based on the pics i see online:

    I would prefer renting a private pool or going to the beach if its for a group shindig.

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    Oct 2002
    ok lang naman siya, although you can expect that the pictures in the website were taken when it was new. rent a room if there is someone in your entourage who may need some sleep time during your stay (like a baby or old folks), plus the added convenience of having a t&b.

    don't expect high end facilities, this is a "pang-masa" type of resort.

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    Jan 2003
    i read somewhere na hindi daw safe ang parking dyan.... malayo daw yun parking sa resort entrance.

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    Oct 2002
    medyo nga hindi safe, naubos yung tyre valve caps ng GS ko nung nagpunta kami dyan e.

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    Dec 2005

    ^^^ Mabuti at hindi tinira ang side mirrors at emblems...


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    Mar 2007
    ok naman ung resort, madame anime figures para sa mga kids..

    ayaw ko lang is sobrang layo at makikitid pa ang kalsada.. madame ding NPA dito kaya nakakatakot sa labas ng resort.. kaya wag kang magpapagabi..

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    Nov 2007

    hundred islands na lang heheheh

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    Apr 2009
    Ok naman ang Amana. Amenities are quite adequate, unless you're looking for hotel-type accommodation. sabi nga nila, pang-masa ito. it only has two large pools (one big wave pool plus a large kiddie pool), which you have to share with other guest of course. meron namang air conditioned rooms, function rooms and a souvenir shop.

    Cons: Medyo malayo/mahirap i-access ang Amana, nasa looban kasi siya ng Pandi. roads are quite narrow, barrio setting kasi siya, tapos meron ka pa makakasabay na dump trucks along the way coming / going to Angat (depends on where you're coming from). Parking is adequate pero malayo sa cottages.

    if you're visiting Bulacan for resorts of the same ambiance, I'd suggest you try 8 Waves instead (though medyo mas crowded). better accessibility (tabing highway) plus a lot more amenities.

Amana Water park