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    Apr 2017

    I have a Vios 2003 A/T with 165k odo reading on it, however, I am experiencing a very problematic issue with its transmission. Whenever the car is left overnight and I start it in the morning, changing to the forward gears doesn't do anything until I let the car warm up to about 25-30 mins that's just the time the card moves forward. The amount of time depends on how long the car is turned off. When I leave it off for about 2-3 hours it just takes 10 or so minutes. Reverse gear has no problems at all just the forward gears.

    I've already change my tranny fluid 2 times and it helped a little. But after a few days, it just goes back to the usual warm up time. I've also let my mechanic clean the oil pan and change the seals on there to no luck. So a transmission repair is indeed needed.

    Problem is, there is now transmission repair kits for my car here in my province (Pangasinan). Can you recommend any shops which is available for online transactions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    May 2019
    Have you properly checked your atf level?

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    Oct 2012
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    Jun 2005
    Make sure you are using toyota t-iv tranny fluid. Ganyan yan pag mali fluid.

    Worst case replace tranny

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Very problematic problem with forward gears with Vios 2003 A/T