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    Oct 2006
    Before I start, Id like to say hello from newb here and I must say this site is such an informative site for car enthusiast.

    I have a question about my 81' 2door corolla liftback w/c I think some things may not be right with this car. I bought the car 2 years ago from the proceeds when I sold my 1.4 lancer box type 84mod. I think the transmission or probably the differential are not the original anymore.

    The car comes with the standard 2T engine, with 5speed trans. The width of my rear differential is a lot shorter than the front width of the wheels. Width in front is 62ins, while rear measures 61ins with spacers already installed. If I take off the rear spacers width would then become a shorter. Could my differential be coming from another make? Weird isnt it?

    2nd, the car has so much power (yes I can feel it) even in full seating capacity, but barely has no kick in between gear shifts and has difficulty in making regular dash, pick-up speeds, say from 2nd to 3rd then to 4th. Its quite slow but you can sense theres power in it somewhere. Could the trasmission come also from a different car make? A low speed transmission probably, or the transmission does not match the differential gears? My previous 1400cc box type was a lot more powerful, I believe. Able to pass cars uphill and even overtake on 4th gears. But sadly I had to let go of it.

    How do I know if my transmission and differential are the right type for the said engine? I hate to think there could be something wrong with the engine, this engine is ultra reliable and have never given me so far any problem.

    Would appreciate everyones expert advice.

    Thanks and be safe everyone.

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    Oct 2002
    malamang tama ang tranny mo pero baka sliding ang clutch....

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    Jun 2005
    Welcome to Tsikot bro!
    IMHO, your tranny and the differential are not matched (high speed transmission with a low speed differential gear ratio.) Better have it checked by an expert.

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    Oct 2006
    wildthing; couldnt be. my pressure plate, clutch lining, release bearing are all brand new and just over a little year old. this car is a city car and nothing more. i could not be damaging the lining, the pressure plate with my casual driving. i can still screech-burn the tires if i want to. what it lacks is the extra ooomph in changing between gears. it lacks the responsiveness so to speak.

    Hayward; yan rin supetsa ko. but i could not find someone here in davao that is good with transmission and differentials. how can we tell anyway if the tranny is high speed or low speed? same with the differential!!???

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    Oct 2002
    in that case the diffential you have is probably a donor differential and not the original....kailangan mong ipabukas ang differential and count the teeth of the ring and pinion gears.

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    Oct 2006
    wildthing; your probably right also. kasi when i measured the width of the differential from tire to tire shorter sya compared sa front. rear is just 61ins with 2 spacers na. while the front measures 62 ins. with one spacer.

    if i have the differential opened and count the teeth of the ring and pinion gears what would it tell me ba? does a fewer teeth ring suggest low gear differential? if it has more teeth ring does it mean high speed differential ba sya? please enlighten. also, can i possibly change differential gears while retaining the whole of the differential itself?


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    Nov 2002
    not all cars have the same width front to rear. the lift back came with coil springs sa rear, so it is difficult to change a different differential from another car with different design sa rear suspension ng liftback, unlike sa leaf spring (L type, sr corolla) they ar much easier to interchange.

    brand new clutch and pressure plate does not guarantee that it wont slip, sa pagkabit nyan baka may problem or the flywheel is not that flat na, the contact of the clutch is not that good. its also good to check the gear ratio, but is the manual still there? so that you can check if what is the original specs?

    as you mentioned there is power but its slow, typical of symptoms of a slipping clutch. how is the rpm in relation to your speed?

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    Oct 2006
    ARB; noted on the width issue. as for the installation of the pressure plate, clutch lining, i think they were probably done right. cuz' there was not much difference in response feel before and after.

    car manual cannot be found too. only GOD knows kung pan-ilang owner na ako. however, this car was improve a bit even before when i got. it now sports a power steering mechanism, power locks and windows. when you say gear ratio do you mean the tranny or the diffs? (sorry for a bit of ignorance here.) RPM is almost co-equal with speed. i have driven some cars with slipping clutches believe me i know how it feels. mine is not a slipping clutch.

    i just saw a junk liftback not far from where i lived. im thinking of buying out the differential. good option or waste of money?

    thanks in advance.

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