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    Nov 2006
    Im just curious so Im hoping anyone could shed some light... For knowledge purposes. I recently had a few documents signed by notary publics near an LTO ofc, I noticed that when it came to the other docs (transfer of title, deed of sale, etc) they charged P150 per doc, but strangely when I thought Id save a trip and brought divorce papers to be signed... A lot rejected them, a lot kept whispering among their colleagues, scratching their heads then giving excuses and then rejecting me, but then finally one accepted it, kinda hesitated at first but he eventually took it but charged me P700 for just one doc, so my question is, is there something I dont know? In regards to how these side of the road notary publics work? Something wrong I did?

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    Mar 2004
    Because there is no divorce in this country ...

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    Jul 2009
    Because rule says you should get a certified true copy and have it authenticated at the court where the divorce was filed.

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