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    Sep 2009
    good day tsikoteers, im just wondering bawal ba ang plate covers sa mga sasakyan? yung plastic pero hindi naman dark klaro pa rin yung letters pati numbers. yung cover na pa-curve.
    Im driving a civic fd 07 and one day while im driving off to school bigla akong pinara ng pulis. i think they are on patrol. The policeman asked for the car's registration and for my license. so binigay ko naman. He told me na bawal daw maglagay ng cover sa plate number. Nagulat ako dun kasi gumastos din kami para ipalagay yun. tinanong ko kung bakit, ang sabi nya "Hindi daw makita ang plate number kapag nasisinagan ng araw". That policeman is very suspicious, i mean mukha siyang mangongotong. parang nananakot din dahil siguro studyante lang ako. ang dami naman kasing mga sasakyan ang may plate covers ang iba nga hindi pa klaro ang plate number nila(dark ang cover).

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    Nov 2006
    So were you apprehended? What was the violation?

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    Sep 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
    So were you apprehended? What was the violation?
    nope. pero sinabihan akong tanggalin ang plate cover. im worrying if next time andun sila they'll get my driver's license coz ill not remove that plate cover.
    He also told me "magsit belt ka din sir". Nakita nya akong naka-sit belt. I just removed it because He asked me for the car's registration. Eh andun yun sa compartment. so kinelangan kong alisin ang seatbelt.
    so is it really a violation na magkaroon ng cover ang plate number?

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    Sep 2004
    Ideally dapat bawal yung mga plate covers na tinted, since they're the ones that obstruct a clear view if your plate at a distance (and even up close). Pag sinita ka ulit on your clear covers, you can try reasoning that, as a motorist, you are responsible for maintaining your license plate since it is essentially government property on loan to you.

    Dati din akong gumagamit ng clear plate covers, pero eventually tinanggal ko rin kasi nga baka pagmulan pa ng kotong. Besides, it was always trapping dirt, kaya mas nahirapan akong linisin yung plates with the covers on.

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    Mar 2008
    anything that hinders the official function of the number plate, which is, to be read, is illegal. this includes clear, colorless covers. at certain angles in the daytime, these covers make reading the plates difficult. at night, it's even worse. i really see no reason why our authorities refuse to come up with a simple statement that says "no covers. period".

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    Jun 2005
    Plate covers, even so called "clear" ones, reflect light and obscure visibility of the plate numbers. It's only right that they are all banned.

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    Nov 2008
    i'll remove mine... thanks

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