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    Nov 2007
    After almost 12 years old of coding ( started on Nov. 1996) with the odd-even scheme eventually the number coding at present...this is my take on the matter.

    This scheme did a little improvement during the early years but then people have found ways to solve this reduction (by availing a second car and adding additional costs and greenhouse effect, others just get exemptions which I find unfair, kaya nga reduction and then you got an exemption?)...But now it seems that this scheme is already obsolete. LTO just needs to be strict in the vehicle compliance with registration and I think vehicle population would decrease by 50%....eliminated are the smoke belching jeepneys and busses...kahit tricycles are also an obstruction sa roads....enforcement lang and political will nga but sad to say wala akong nakikita sa mga DOTC officials nito.

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    Jul 2006
    The color coding scheme was intended as a temporary solution to a more severe problem - overcrowded city streets. The band aid solution has worn out and done its job, people have adapted to it, it's time for a more permanent solution.

    Then again, enforcement was always the problem in the metro with regards to traffic laws. I just hope if it's removed, it won't be replaced by another temporary solution, as it always was anyway with most of the stuff implemented over there.

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Number/Color Coding Scheme, Dapat na bang tanggalin?