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    Oct 2002
    ... with digital cameras, of course. Read about it yesterday in the Philippine Star

    Bus firms back MMDA’s ‘no-contact’
    By Marvin Sy

    Public utility bus operators yesterday expressed support for the "no-contact" policy of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) as a means to eradicate corruption among the traffic enforcers.

    In their meeting with MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando yesterday, bus operators, led by Integrated Metro Manila Bus Operators Association president Claire de la Fuente, agreed that the new policy would be beneficial to their group because they would no longer be victims of extortion.

    At the same time, De la Fuente admitted that a number of their drivers need to be disciplined for bad driving habits. She said the new MMDA policy will help bring this to fruition.

    Under the no-contact policy of the MMDA, traffic enforcers will be issued digital cameras to take pictures of violators, particularly the PUBs.

    The buses are now required to paint their license plate numbers on the sides as well as on the roof of their vehicles so they are visible to traffic enforcers.

    Around 100 traffic enforcers, situated at strategic areas in the metropolis, will be issued cameras.

    Fernando identified several traffic problem areas, namely Commonwealth Avenue, Litex, Tandang Sora, Megamall and North Avenue on EDSA.

    The MMDA will be monitoring illegal loading and unloading as well as swerving of the PUBs on major thoroughfares.

    Fernando said the camera-yielding enforcers will be positioned at areas where they cannot be seen by motorists, but at the same time have a good view of all vehicles.

    "The problem is that motorists do not respect our traffic enforcers. With the no-contact apprehensions, there will no longer be any long conversations between enforcers and the drivers," Fernando said.

    He noted that pictures taken by the traffic enforcers will be used as "undeniable evidence" against erring drivers.

    After the pictures are taken, two copies will be printed, one of which will be sent to the violator together with the citation ticket. The violator will then be summoned to appear at the MMDA office.

    Private vehicles will also be covered by the new policy as the cameras could also be used to take pictures of illegally parked vehicles.


    Baka pwede pa mag-sideline yung mga MMDA as wedding photographers pag natuloy 'to )

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    Oct 2002
    another suntok sa buwan project......

    just employ 50 educated, uncorruptable, pricipled people to do the apprehensions.......bigyan ng authority/ngipin

    penalties should be from revoke of licence to impounding of vehicles.......

    mauubos din ang mga alang modong driver..............

    kamay na bakal lang ang kailangan..........

    kaso puros human rights arguments pag ginawa ito.......

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    Oct 2002
    well in my opinion ok din yan eh medyo matrabaho nga lang...dito kasi sa japan may nga lang automatic...pag na detect na speeding ka makukuhanan ng pic ang plate number mo...then kinabukasan may darating na lang na tiket sa bahay...and ang lalaki ng fine...

    ang prob lang dyan sa atin eh paano ma iimplement ng daming violators eh...gaano kaya katagal bago dumating sa bahay ang tiket para papuntahin sya sa MMDA office...lalo na kung bus driver...aalamin pa sa operator sino yung driver...san medyo matagal...ok sana kung may computerized na list...pero ito ang mukhang malabo...

    sana lang ma implement ng maayos....kaso sa daming violators nyan eh mukhang matatagalan ang dating ng tikets sa bahay...pero i think its a gud idea...kung maging maganda naman ang implementation...mababawasan din ang mga walang disiplina sa kalye

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    Oct 2002
    Such is only effective if the license plate of the vehicle is visible. A lot of the cars, trucks, etc around have not have a license plate or a very old plate that is very hard to read from a short distance or have their euro plates displayed and the philippine plates displayed inside the windshield (under heavy tint pa!).

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    Nov 2002
    Tama yang gagawin ni BF, lakihan ang fine and with convincing evidence...sigurado titino tayong mga ibang bansa ang pinoy ingat na ingat na wag mahuli...just like in Subic & cLark...

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    Oct 2002
    meron na namang sigurong kikita sa pag bili ng mga camera na yan, tapos bilhin after ilang years di na ma maintain, hay naku.

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    Oct 2002
    Tama lang yan...... at least there's something being done to solve the problem.......

    Pagkatapos lang naman natin malalaman kung effective nga ang idea or hindi eh....

    Pero bilib ako sa mga initiative ni BF..... more power!

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    Oct 2002
    BF also appeared on a certain morning TV show and he also mentioned that other motorists can also take pictures and send them to the MMDA if you want to.

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    Oct 2002
    yung automatic cameras are called gatsos. active also in europe, but top gear recently proved that it can be beaten with enough speed. they drove a tuscan through a gatso at 171mph and it didn't even take a picture... the car was travelling so fast the motion detector couldn't see it =)

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    Oct 2002

    no chance in hell to drive 171 mph on our city streets :lol:

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