Toyota Topped 2009 for Recalls

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2009 have been a not-so-very successful year for the auto industry but if there's one who screamed the most 'Ouch!', it would be Toyota. The Japanese company, for the first time, topped the year for the most vehicle recall made for year 2009.
The total units affected by Toyota's mass recall reached 4,872,583 with most of these vehicles (4.3 millions units) from Toyota and Lexus recalled for unintended acceleration and faulty floor mats which notoriously gained attention after a family of four died in a car crash when the Toyota they were driving accelerated, unintended.
Ford came in second for the most recalled vehicle that reached to a total of 4,521,993 units. The Detroit company's recalls were due to failing cruise controls on their older vehicles. Other than that, no real cases were reported.
In overall statistics, the total of recalled vehicles for 2009 increased tremendously. Last year, recalls from all automakers only totaled 8.6 million whereas the industry combined figures for 2009 has swollen to a whopping 15.2 million unit recalls.
Aside from Toyota's first inclusion in the top list of most recalled automaker, they also bagged home another first for the company, their first ever company loss in their decades of operation.