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    Jun 2010
    Thank you sa quick reply mo. Grabe sana naman sinasama nila sa PMS yung replacement ng Charcoal Canister and Filler cap. Pero sa lahat ng PMS nila na 5k to 14k ang nagagastos, wala man lang sinasabi. Meron tiga schedule don nabanggit nga na i-replace yung charcoal canister kaso hindi muna namin pinagawa kasi ang problem nag exist pa rin sa tanke. As much as possible gusto namin palitan ang gas tank pero 20k is a lot of money. Actually 2nd epoxy na nga yung kahapon sa Shell kasi iniintay pa namin sagot nila. Para nde naman masayang ang gasolina. Hindi muna namin ginagamit yung Innova.

    Ipi-print ko nga tong thread mo para mapakita sa kanila na meron ibang owners na naka-experience ng ganitong problem. Last Tuesday nga tinatanong ko yung Warranty clerk kung meron ibang Innova na nanyari na 'to pero parang ilag sya sa question ko.

    Bale ngayon nagiintay kami ng sagot nila para kung iko-cover nila under warranty. Pero ifa-fight ko nga 'to. Casa maintained nga yung kotse all the way tapos ganito lang mangyayari. Haizzz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mile2 View Post

    Besides the gas tank assembly, you should also have the Charcoal Canister and Filler Cap replaced...otherwise it will recur as per my experience. Twice I had this problem,. and I know how you felt it right now.

    If they won't take it as warranty, you can actually have the tank repair at "talyer" but you would still need to buy the replacement Charcoal Canister and Filler Cap.

    But if I were you! I will fight for "Factory Defect" claims. Bring a laptop with WiFi and show this thread and pictures to the dealers Custormer Relation Officer and Service Manager and for sure those pictures here would prove that the defect do exist! And I am 100% sure that the dent and crack/leak location is also 100% identical to your gas tank.

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    Jun 2010
    double post
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    May 2004
    Same with ours... pang 3rd tank na namin and 1st Canister and 1st fuel cap replacement... bulok ng Toyota... All calim under insurance... Hopefully hindi na maulit...

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    Jun 2010
    3rd Tank na? Wow, sobra na yan. Ano ba dapat maintenance schedule ng filler cap and charcoal canister? Pwede ba ma-share kung san casa kayo nagpapagawa?

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    Jun 2006
    I think maiiwasan natin ang problema na ito by gassing up more often. Lets say 500p lang kada karga, instead na fulltank lagi. That way, konting vacuum lang ang maipon sa luob.

    1000p lang karga ko palagi, at 7k la naman problema.

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    Jun 2010
    just to confirm, this is isolated to the gas variant? I'm planning to get my innova j dsl soon... so i'm reading these threads to find out potential issues with the innova.

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    Jun 2010
    I believe so. I haven't read anything regarding the diesel version of the Innova having issues.

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    Aug 2006
    I believe also that this is isolated to gas variants, I saw a couple of warped and leaking gas tank at the service bay when I was at the dealer.

    The only part that is not common to D4d and VVTi fuel supply system was the "charcoal canister" on VVTi., in which I believe could be the real culprit on negative pressure on the gas tank.

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    May 2005
    Does this affect Fortuner VVT-i (seeing that it also an IMV vvt-i)?

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    Aug 2009
    is this problem only involved old model innova gas? mine is 2010 model gas. is there any improvement in the 2010 model regarding this problem? thank you.

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Toyota Innova Gas Tank woes