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    Sep 2007
    i need a pick up for mundane things like going to my farm. i saw a hilux sr5. 2000 model. sr5. ln166. inteco super swamper.
    but the seller wants 675k for it. it is beautiful aesthetically but when i test drove it, it seems that it could not accelerate that fast. i have no one to turn to. pls help me with the ff queries:

    1. is it worth it at 675k
    2. if i want to replace the tires, what are ideal tires for this rig and how much should i expect to spent.
    3. is it practical to buy this rather than the newer strada or hilux model.
    4. how could i make it accelerate faster?
    5. can i add turbo on this model?

    thanks. here are the pictures of the rig. please do help me

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    Jul 2008
    There's one pick up I found with similar tractor-looking tires, also a lifted 4x4 but its a gray Fuego. Selling for 650 thousand. I guess its within the same range.

    BTW, do not expect this to accelerate fast as they only propelled by less than 100 hp engine plus those big tires are heavy.

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    May 2006
    Don't expect this baby to accelerate at your command, much more help you in the fuel economy department.

    Looks like it's on 33" bogger tires which really needs the extra torque. I hope that the previous owner bolted-on the proper lifting kit underneath.

    My 2 cents on your questions:

    1. Price is in the acceptable range.
    2. take it back to about size 31" with the ideal rim offset of your choice.
    3. If I were in your shoes and have the extra budget, I'd go for either of the two excellent truck choices you mentioned. Newer engine with tons of torque, pulling power for your farm chores.
    4. Not much you can do with those shoes on unless..
    5. do this option which may cost more and brings us back to my suggestion in #3


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    Sep 2007
    to gerbo and memphis:

    thanks for the quick and informative replies.
    the tires are 36 x 12.5 x 15. and they seem to be on their mid-life.
    how about re-gearing it? will it open a can of worms?

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    May 2007
    How To Body Lift Pick-up Trucks and SUVsBody Lift

    Procedure Difficulty: Kaya mo yan.
    Cost: Shop around

    Are you an off-road enthusiast or just a truck fanatic na gagamitin sa bukid? It can be difficult to lift your truck using a suspension lift. Although many off-road accessories shops are selling suspension lift kits for every vehicle classification, they aren't easy to use and often will cost big bucks( well, you want a MONSTER right). A simple body lift is ideal for correcting height problems. Here's how it's done:

    Ang mga kailangan:
    Body Lift Kit (any brand)
    Hydraulic jack or a Hi-Lift jack
    Brake lines extensions
    Jack stand
    1 set socket wrench
    Adjustable wrench
    1 set open wrench
    Vise grip

    1. Work on the main body frame first (for trucks). Remove the nuts of the body support blocks that support the main body.

    (note: Body support blocks are rubber blocks that link the body and the chassis.)
    2. Remove the Coolant Radiator Tank and the water hose from the engine bay.
    3. Detach all the fuel lines and hoses that separate the body from the chassis. Remove the fuel hose from the fuel tank.
    4, Disconnect the break lines from the body to the chassis.
    5. Remove the steering rod from the coupler and steering gear box.
    6. Remove the bumper.
    7. Check all of the lines and wiring that connect the body and the chassis. Remove any that are still attached.
    8. Jack the body (not the chassis) about 6-7inch away from the chassis.
    (CAUTION ALWAYS use the jack stand for support when doing under-chassis work. A hydraulic Jack/Hi-lift Jack may collapse at any time if unsupported, which could cause a very serious injury to the person or you when working.
    9. Remove the bolts from the supports. Other bolts are found inside the main body. (note: 6 bolts or more are found under the carpet inside the truck. You need to open the carpet to expose the bolt.)
    10. Remove the support blocks.
    12. Install new lift blocks.
    13. Gently lower the Jack until the body and blocks attach.
    14. Put the new bolts in and tighten the nuts.
    (caution: Make sure the nuts are securely tight. This is the main support from the body, to avoid accidents double check the nuts.)
    15. Reinstall the Coolant Radiator Tank using the new relocation bracket from the kit.
    (Note: The Radiator Tank will become lower when installing a body lift kit.)
    16. Reconnect the fuel lines and break lines using a hose extension.
    17. Reinstall the new, longer steering rod to the steering coupler and steering gear box.
    18. Reinstall the bumper using the relocation adaptor from the Kit.
    19. When working at the rear bed of the truck. Just repeat guide 6-13.

    1. If you lift your truck using this method, the safe body lift height is 4-4.5inches.
    2. Lifting your truck above the safe height will be very risky. It will affect your driving comfort on sharp curve turning.
    3. Good luck sa project mo.

    Note: You can chrome your some of your under chassis para maganda bahala kana kung ano ang gusto mong e-chrome.

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    Sep 2007
    to v6dreamer:

    thanks for the informative and very well detailed reply. so, if body lifting is easy, are you suggesting that i just look for a stock vehicle and body lift it rather than buy the vehicle pictured above?

    as for your question. i just want a vehicle that does the job and looks good in the process. not monsterisque. capable but has identity.

    btw when i test drove the pictured sr5, the suspension seems to be fine, hindi naman matagtag so to speak. i was genuinely surprised because i was expecting the ride to be bone jarring. the seller said that (but he's not sure) the shocks are emu.

    tnx sire

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    Mar 2006
    Hi roadwarrior,

    Are you planning to go off-road trailing with the vehicle or just use it as a workhorse?

    In any case, being an LN166 owner myself, here are my answers to your questions.

    1. is it worth it at 675k
    From the looks of it, the asking price seems fair. How may KMs has it run so far? Get a complete inventory of upgrades and accessories on the rig. How has it been maintained? Get the maintenance records if you can.

    2. if i want to replace the tires, what are ideal tires for this rig and how much should i expect to spent.
    This will again depend on what you intend to do with your rig. What kind of rims are on it now? If 15x7, then you can go with A/T tires in the 31x10.5xR15 size for a balance of height and better economy (compared to the existing tires anyways)

    3. is it practical to buy this rather than the newer strada or hilux model.
    Armed with the knowledge of what you intend to use it for, only you can make that assessment. But if you want to minimize cash out for a trail rig, this could be a good start. You can learn stuff about your rig and diesels in general (presuming this will be your first diesel vehicle) then when you feel you are ready and think you will be happier with a newer model, you can buy a new unit.

    4. how could i make it accelerate faster?
    Change the tires for one thing. Diesels don't really accelerate fast so if your point of reference is a gas sedan, the difference is kinda night and day. You can install a turbo kit.

    5. can i add turbo on this model?
    Yes, you can. This mod is actually on my list of to dos on my rig. You can either install a kit pulled of a 2L-T engine or go the "official" route and spend for a turbo kit specifically for the 3L engine.

    Hope this information helps you.

    If you need any more assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Sep 2007
    to hardcharger:

    thanks. as stated, i would just use it as a workhorse. i would love to engage in offroading once in a while but i know that it's just a pipe dream because i don't have the time to do it.

    if i replace the existing tires (36x12.5x15) with 31s, would the rig still look good? i have this fear that changing the tires to smaller sizes would make the rig look like it is on stilts.

    the upgrades that i saw were the
    1. tires (inteco ss) but half life already
    2. rims (american racing)
    3. shocks (sabi emu but not sure)
    4. snorkel

    my observation when i test drove the vehicle is that from the first gear to the third, parang normal lang. but starting on the fourth, this gets tricky as i can't seem to accelerate it faster than 60kph.

    possible explanation (correct me if i'm misinformed)
    1. i have a light foot, can't abuse the vehicle too much, resulting in lower rpm
    2. the speedometer shows 60 but in reality it is faster than that because the speedometer is not accurate as it was reading based on smaller diametered wheels
    3. the rig needs regearing para maging low speed

    the suspension was also not bad but there are vibrations upon reaching the higher speed.

    i am also not a first time diesel driver. i've had a second generation strada (2000 model) which served me very well (i sold it after 160thousand kms and after 8 years of honest to goodness usage). i remember that old clunker was beautiful and speedy also (150 kph topspeed), that's why i was expecting the sr5 to at least approximate its performance less allowance for the huge tires. but sadly, not even close.


    atty. jcc

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    Sep 2007
    and if i don't buy this and buy a 2007 ford ranger (4x4, used also, 899k) instead, do rangers look good also when lifted as sr5s do? or would a second generation strada be better?

    my options are open, i just want to have a workhorse that would look good. i could sacrifice a little comfort but i don't want my vehicle to be all sound but no fury.
    but in my browsing in the internet, i always see that old generation hiluxes (ln106 and ln166) are better looking than the new breed, when lifted and dressed up.

    it is always an interplay between cost, comfort, aesthetics and utility. surely we all want the newest and most powerful vehicle there is but when reality bites.... we start to look in the used car marketplace hahaha

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    Nov 2005
    My suggestion is buy a stock 4x4 try it out for what you plan and if that is not enough then upgrade from there. But from your choices I would get the Ranger and just do a suspension lift and put 33" M/T instead. You don't need a body lift unless you plan on using bigger tires and only if you plan on stuffing the tires on the wheel well off road. If all you plan to use it for is the farm and some off roading just stick to stock and change to 33 " tires. Anything bigger is just overkill and a waste of money. Also if you want ground clearance the bigger tires will give you that and not the suspension or body lift because with either one the lowest part of your truck will still be the differential. A caveat on the bigger tires it looks nice but your FC is affected and if the axle shafts are not up to par in size it can break when you go off road. Should you decide to go with bigger tires don't go bigger than 33", anything bigger you have to regear and risk breaking parts in the drivetrain unless you have a Dana 44, Ford 9", Corporate 14 bolt, or Nissan H233B in which case you can go as big as 35". Bigger than that then you better upgrade the drivetrain.

    BTW you can do a body lift but it is not as easy as it has been made to appear. If you are not mechanically inclined or don't have the help/tools to do it you can get yourself in more trouble than you want.

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