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    Hey guys, we're planning to buy an SUV and we can't decide between the 3 options (toyota fortuner, subaru forester, hyundai santafe). Can someone give us the pros and cons of each car and a good comparison of all 3?

    Here are our concerns:
    Seating Capacity
    Fuel Consumption
    Resale Value
    Known Problems w/ the car (e.g. Toyota fortuner's breaks have a sound etcetc, just an example)

    Also other please do suggest any other SUV suggestions. Thank you very much.

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    Seating Capacity - Santa Fe (better third row than Fortuner)
    Fuel Consumption - Santa Fe (compared to Fort 3.0. Similar to Fort 2.5)
    Safety - Santa Fe/Forester
    Resale Value - Probably tied between Santa Fe and Fortuner, but Subaru resale is good.

    Known Problems w/ the car -

    Santa Fe - There was that intercooler hose clamp issue with the very first batch, but not widespread and I haven't heard any complaints about it for years. There is a reported issue with the 6AT with the V6, but not with the 2.2.

    Fortuner - D4D issues, but this depends on fuel supply. People I know with D4Ds have no issues, but I've seen one or two in my area. It seems that the unclean supply from some stations and provinces may be most at fault here. Brakes are weak compared to the other two.

    Forester - Don't know of any major ones. Boxer engines have a reputation of being hard to work on, because the spark plugs are in inaccessible locations and otherwise routine maintenance sometimes requires the engine to be dismounted.

    Price - Santa Fe

    Other SUV suggestions -

    If you don't need seven seats (and the Forester doesn't have any), then you can look at the X-Trail. Comfy ride, good performance in 4x2 2.5 CVT trim.

    If you need seven seats, then check out the Montero Sport 4x2 AT. Good motor, decent comfort for a ladder-frame vehicle, and good looks. Less third row legroom than Fortuner, but the rest of the interior is nicer.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    If you can wait for the 2013 santa fe, i think it will be a good buy. If you will buy the santa fe now, luma agad sya next year pag labas ng 2013 santa fe.
    I recommend montero sport over the fortuner because it has great engine brought by VGT technology and has better ride.
    If you want to be different, buy forester. Nice handling. Fun and easy to drive. Yun nga lang, hindi fuel efficient.

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    If you wouldn't want a diesel engine, the Forester would be a good option. Among the Fortuner and the Santa Fe I'd get the Fortuner.

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