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    Fellow Tsikoteers, read this out:

    Originally Posted by larshell
    I went at Toyota Balintawak yesterday to fix my garnish problem and my agent talk to me about the CRDi parts. Good news my agent told me, Thousands of CRDi parts have already arrive and distributed to sub-supplier.They are aware of the problem, i think. I call Toyota QA and there still this one tube na kulang pa sa mga parts.My unit is not included wd the allocation.They also told me that they are expecting this problem wd CRDi w/in 120K ODO reading it so unfortunate daw it happen so early Meaning i only have 120,000km. before my CRDi will have this problem again after they fix my CRDi. Warranty expires at 100,000km. or 3yrs w/c ever come first. Also they told me that in other countries earliest that this problem occur is 20,000km. on ODO reading.
    I suggest to all D4d user to use it daily at least if problems occur w/ur D4d under warranty pa and you have another 120,000km to run.
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    Will you still take the risk of owning one of this D4D engine or go for the gasoline variant or buy a diesel SUV from other car companies. Which model?

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    we already have a thread for this:

Toyota D4D, expecting trouble between 20K-120K as told by Toyota???