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    Hehehehe :diablo:

    Proven mas matipid ang 2.0V CVT-i

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    Quote Originally Posted by drain11 View Post
    Hi new member here. I just bought a 2.0V last two weeks. I already measured its fc using full tank method today and I found out that I have 10km/l My ODO is just 467 now.. I know my fc will improve after 1km and 5km
    just curious sir on your usual route? percentage of hiway and city driving? frequency of rush hour traffic exposure? mahirap kasi talagang mag compare ng fc. but if that 10km/l is on mostly city traffic driving, then impressive talaga

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by harold13 View Post
    malakas din pala sa gas ang DUal VVTi
    the dual vvt-i in theory and in controlled tests should offer 10-15% increase in fuel efficiency according to toyota. but the translation to fc improvement may really be imperceptible when applied to real world driving. ang mas sigurado yata is yung lower CO2 emissions ng dual vvt-i. at least you know it's better for the environment.

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    Oct 2010
    Using full tank method. I'm getting 8.5 FC on a QC - Makati route. My Odo is at 5555 already and about to get my 5k check up. Will let you know how it improves after. Altis 1.6G AT po.

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    medyo dumadami na 2011 altis everyday nakakakita na ko palagi hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by boytbak View Post
    medyo dumadami na 2011 altis everyday nakakakita na ko palagi hehe

    lapet narin ako dumagdag diyan... hehe.

    * smash - ano ba recommended na oil sa DVVT-i? ok na ba semi-synthetic since every 5k kms naman PMS di ba?

    by the way I saw a review of the 1.6V sa AI. Yung 2.0V lang na variant ang me paddle shifters di ba? I think nagkamali sila of putting it on the 1.6V...

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    Apr 2007
    Correct. 2.0V CVT-i lang meron paddle shifters bro.

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    Oct 2009
    If I will install an Amplifier on my Altis, would my warranty be voided?

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    Jun 2009
    Rediscovering the Toyota Corolla
    by Manny N. Delos Reyes (The Philippine Star) Updated February 02, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (1)

    | Zoom

    MANILA, Philippines - I have to admit I wasn’t exactly enthralled by the latest Toyota Corolla Altis when it debuted almost three years ago. It looked too much like its predecessor and didn’t really push the envelope, design-wise. Well – surprise! surprise! – the intervening three years have either been very kind to the Altis, or the Toyota designers just managed to create a look that ages exceptionally well.
    That plus Toyota performed a mid-cycle facelift late last year that really brought out the well-sculpted lines of the Altis. The designers really pulled out all the stops: new headlamp clusters that bulge out of the bodywork ala Camry, a new grille that’s both sporty and upscale, a sharper-looking front bumper with more expressive air intake openings and fog lamp treatments, more distinctive alloy wheels, and new and more upscale – that word again – LED taillamps.
    It looks distinctive but in an unassuming kind of way. It’s still not as head-turning as the Mitsubishi Lancer with its “shark attack” grille or even the Honda Civic with its swooping coupe-like profile and space-agey design.
    It looks fresh enough that we requested Toyota for a test unit. Now while the flagship 2.0V model would’ve been the test unit of choice, we figured the 1.6-engined model (but in the upscale P955,000 “V” variant instead of the lower-end 1.6E and 1.6G models) would be posed a bigger challenge by our, ahem, discriminating editorial tastes.
    Is it as good as it looks? Yes, but neither does it set new standards in its class. Power is more than adequate for everyday driving; but if you want to blow the doors off a lot of other cars on the road, then you better look elsewhere. There is only so much you can do with 122ps (at 6,000 rpm) and 154 Nm of torque (at a rather high 5,200 rpm) – even if it’s boasting Toyota’s latest Dual-VVTi variable-valve timing technology. It’s one eminently smooth and refined motor, though.
    Cabin space, too, is par for the course – again hardly upping the ante. Handling is very predictable – just what you’d expect from a Toyota. Just don’t expect to strafe apexes with millimetric precision in this electric power steering-equipped car. Riding comfort clearly takes precedence over outright responsiveness, even if the car is sporting reasonably generous 205/55-R16 rubber.
    The cabin is well-crafted. There’s no leather but the fabric feels plush enough. Still, the lack of cowhides is a sore point for a car that’s at the top of the 1.6-liter food chain. Wood trim makes up for it somewhat, as do other thoughtful touches like a trip computer, storage areas galore (there are actually two glove boxes), handsome Optitron gauges, a wood-and-leather steering wheel with audio controls, and my personal favorites: a smart “keys-in-your-pocket” keyless entry system and an Engine Start-Stop push button.
    Too bad there are no paddle shifters or even “+” and “-” gates for the gear lever. I guess that’s Toyota’s way of saying, “If you want to tear up the roads, get the Altis 2.0V.” Fair enough. But if all you want is an ultra-reliable and fuel-efficient (the trip computer displayed an 8.3-kpl fuel consumption despite my heavy-footed driving in Metro Manila traffic) compact sedan with a modicum of luxuries, then it’s hard to beat a 1.6-liter Corolla Altis.
    • Very upscale-looking facelift
    • Bulletproof Toyota build quality
    • High levels of overall refinement
    • Impressively low fuel consumption
    • Smart keyless entry with push-button Engine Start/Stop
    • No manumatic/paddle shifters in the 1.6 model
    • Leather and/or power-adjustable seats would be nice
    • Uninspiring driving dynamics
    • It might not set new standards in its class, but the Corolla Altis 1.6V is still one of the best compact sedans in the world today.

    The pic on top is old-gen. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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    Jan 2011
    *sir dekzee paranaque to ortigas po usually. meron isang beses paranaque to quezon city and i encountered heavy traffic from santolan to North Ave. My 467km is pure city driving. I haven't use my car yet in SLEX, SCTEX, NLEX.

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