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    Oct 2002
    Whats next? Turbo-Synergy Hybrid Engine? :bwahaha: This should be good for both TMC and FHI.

    8.7% sold to Toyota, the remaining 11% which GM owns will be sold to the market.

    October 5, 2005
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries to Agree on Business Collaboration - Toyota to Purchase Shares of Fuji Heavy Industries -

    Tokyo - TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) and FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. (FHI) announced today that they have signed a memorandum of understanding stating they will start studying the synergic effects of business collaboration. In the collaboration, the two companies seek to mutually utilize their management resources in the fields of research & development and production, and to supplement each other’s technological development. The two companies plan to set up a joint steering committee and to aim for reaching an agreement on concrete collaboration programs as soon as possible.

    TMC and FHI initiated business ties in 2003, when they announced that FHI would feature TMC’s “G-BOOK” network information service as “Subaru G-BOOK” in Subaru-brand vehicles for the Japanese market. TMC and FHI have come to view that, while they respect each other’s independency in management, each side could prosper further by strengthening their business relationship, as global competition intensifies.

    In order to develop its relationship with FHI, TMC decided today to purchase FHI shares as follows:

    Contents of share purchase:
    - Party TMC will purchase from: A General Motors Canadian subsidiary
    - Number of shares TMC will purchase: 68,000,000 shares
    - Ratio of shares to be owned by TMC: 8.7% of FHI’s issued shares
    - Planned shares settlement day: October 12, 2005
    Yomiuri Shimbun (JP newspaper) reports that:

    * 8.7% FHI stock (68M shares) that GM will sell will be acquired by Toyota at 520yen/share. So total price is ~US$320M.

    * The rest of the shares that GM holds (89M shares) will be sold on the market, upon which FHI plans to buy back shares as Treasury stock. As a result, Toyota should possess ~10% of FHI based on voting rights.

    * Toyota and FHI will establish an investigative commission and will collaborate in the development and production realm.

    * Its believed that Toyota will indirectly support GM to avoid any friction in the US.

    * GM initiated the idea of the stock sale because of stagnating sales in North America.

    * Subaru President: "We decided that it would be difficult to attain satisfactory results due to the difference in business cultures between GM and FHI.

    * Toyota President on the reason behind the tie-up: "We will cooperate with development and production." "We want to make full use of FHI's high technology." "Supporting GM is not our objective"
    GM Sells Entire Stake in Fuji Heavy to Toyota, Market (Update6)
    2005-10-05 08:46 (New York)

    (Adds value for the Fuji stake in the second paragraph.)

    By Kae Inoue and Naoko Fujimura
    Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp. agreed to sell
    its holdings in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. for about $740
    million, or less than half their value on GM's books, as it
    struggles with rising losses.
    Toyota, GM's biggest competitor, will pay about $315
    million in cash for 68 million shares, or 8.7 percent, of the
    maker of Subaru-brand cars, GM said in a statement today. GM,
    the world's biggest automaker, will sell 11.4 percent of Fuji
    Heavy, worth about $422 million at today's closing share price,
    on the market. The Fuji stake had been valued at $1.5 billion,
    the automaker said.
    GM is raising cash after posting $1.4 billion in losses in
    the first half, losing its investment grade rating in May and as
    its largest supplier, Delphi Corp., asks for help to stave off
    bankruptcy. The company faces further losses as consumers opt
    for vehicles from Toyota, whose market value is worth more than
    GM, Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG combined.
    ``It's surprising how fast GM is selling off the family
    silver,'' said Graeme Maxton, a director of the Economist
    Intelligence Unit in Hong Kong. ``It rings alarm bells.''
    GM owns 157 million shares, or about a 20 percent stake, in
    Fuji Heavy. GM also owns a 20 percent stake in Suzuki Motor
    Corp. and a 8.4 percent stake in Isuzu Motors Ltd. Both
    companies declined to comment.
    GM said it will restate second-quarter earnings to reflect
    a reduction of between $700 million and $800 million in the
    value of its holdings in Fuji Heavy. It expects the sale to be
    completed in the fourth quarter.

    Fuji's Technology

    A stake in Fuji Heavy will give Toyota access to the
    company's technology for batteries which can be used in hybrid
    gasoline-electric cars. Toyota aims to boost production of
    hybrids to 1 million by the early part of next decade. It sold
    134,700 hybrids last year.
    Toyota and Fuji Heavy plan to cooperate in ``vehicle
    development and production'', Toyota Executive Vice President
    Mitsuo Kino****a said. Toyota will use Fuji Heavy's ``various
    advanced technologies,'' he said, declining to elaborate, adding
    Toyota has no plans to increase its stake.
    Hybrids such as Toyota's Prius and Honda's Civic are
    equipped with nickel hydride batteries made by Panasonic EV
    Energy Co. Fuji Heavy's Chief Executive Officer Kyoji Takenaka
    has said his company's manganese lithium-ion batteries last
    longer than Panasonic's nickel hydride batteries and handle
    temperature extremes better.


    ``Toyota is not the kind of company that will buy shares
    without a business purpose,'' said Atsushi Osa, who helps manage
    $110 billion at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Co. in Tokyo.
    ``It will gain from investing in Fuji Heavy if it gets
    technology that it doesn't have such as Fuji Heavy's batteries
    for hybrids and airplane technology.''
    Tighter government restrictions on vehicle emissions and
    higher fuel prices are boosting demand for hybrids. Toyota has
    sold a record 106,978 hybrids in the U.S. so far this year, more
    than the 2004 total for all carmakers.
    ``The alliance will be a win-win for Toyota and Fuji
    Heavy,'' said Koji Endo, an analyst at Credit Suisse First
    Boston in Tokyo. ``Toyota and Subaru buyers don't overlap, so
    it's one of the best matches.''
    Fuji Heavy said it will buy back about 90 million of its
    shares on the market, paying as much as 57.6 billion yen and
    hold them as treasury stock. It will buy its shares on the
    market on Oct. 6, 7 and 11, it said in a statement. Toyota will
    pay about 520 yen a share for its stake in Fuji Heavy.
    Fuji Heavy said it will have a one-time charge of 5 billion
    yen from canceling the development of a cross-over vehicle with
    GM's Saab unit. Fuji Heavy lowered its earnings outlook for the
    full year to a profit of 12 billion yen from an earlier forecast
    of a 15 billion yen profit.

    Not Enough Projects

    ``We've had a good partnership,'' said Troy Clarke,
    president of GM Asia Pacific in a statement. ``There were not
    enough collaborative projects to sustain the alliance.''
    GM's shares have fallen 25 percent so far this year and
    declined 3.1 percent to $30.08 yesterday in New York. Toyota's
    shares have risen 26 percent so far this year and fell 0.9
    percent today to 5,250 yen in Tokyo. Fuji Heavy's shares have
    risen about 8 percent so far this year and gained 2.3 percent
    today to 540 yen.
    GM's largest parts supplier, Delphi, may declare bankruptcy
    this week, the New York Times reported today. The parts maker is
    asking GM, its former parent, for $6 billion in aid, people
    familiar with the situation said earlier last week.
    Fuji Heavy generates about 90 percent of sales from its
    automobile business. The other 10 percent comes from Fuji
    Heavy's aircraft, industrial machinery and other units. The
    company, set up in 1917 as an aircraft maker, is expanding its
    aerospace and aircraft business to supply parts for Boeing Co.'s
    new 787 aircraft.

    --With reporting by Jeff Green in Southfield, Michigan. Editor:
    Okeson, Nol.

    Story illustration: For a graph of Toyota's share performance,
    see {7203 JP <Equity> GP <GO>}. For highlights of Toyota's
    earnings for the last nine years, see
    {7203 JP <Equity> CH2 <GO>}. For the top transportation news of
    the day, click on {TOP TRN <GO>} or type {TRNT <GO>}.

    To contact the reporter on this story:
    Naoko Fujimura in Tokyo at (81)(3) 3201-7551 or

    To contact the editor responsible for this story:
    Eugene Tang at (81) 3 3201-2373 or
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    Better amend that title. Subaru is part of that deal, and that's what most people will be interested in.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2003
    yeah should be more like "Toyota buys GM stake in Subaru"

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    Dec 2003
    yeah i was misled by the title hehe

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    repost na nga ito, it was first posted by number001 5 hours earlier.

    sabi ko kay carlo i-merge na lang ito...natutulog pa yata :bwahaha:

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    Jan 2005

    take out the alfa nose on the subies! hehehehehehehe!

Toyota bought FHI stocks from GM...bye GM.