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    Nov 2002
    guys, almost same na market price ng dalawa, which would you choose? would consider reliability and use it as a daily driver.


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    Jan 2004
    Daily driver... Reliability... Hmm... I would assume the 190E is older than the Exsior to be the same price, tama ba?

    If well maintained, a 190E will be very reliable. As a daily driver, hmm, medyo tinginin. I wouldn't go to Baclaran on a Wednesday in a 190E, but I would on a Corona. Personally, parang mainit sa mata ang Benz. Depende na lang kung hindi ka naman pumupunta sa masyadong matao like Divisoria or Baclaran using it. But a Toyota is a Toyota and can be made very reliable through maintenance also.

    Do you have other criteria like "lakas ng dating" (a benz is a benz man) and maintenance (Japanese parts are cheaper I think)?

    Just my two cents...

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    Mar 2004
    Parts for a 190E Benz are quite cheap these days and there are a lot of shops that will maintain them properly.

    Get the 190E, it's more reliable and safe as long as maintaned properly. If you can afford it, get E230 or 300E diesel.

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    Jun 2004
    Imagine lang! compare
    83's E190 sa 83's late Corona
    majority ng 124 E190 still in good shape while
    late Corona, few nalang ang in good shape >>

    Maybe owners of MB are care about their cars>

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    Nov 2002
    MB ako.. kasi mas mabilis magluma ang mga japanese cars.. pero sa taste mo din yan kugn san mo siya gamitin..

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    Oct 2002
    To be honest, unless ready ka gumastos for repairs, mag Corona ka nalang. Yes mas OK ang W201 pero comparatively mahal padin ang parts ng MB compared to toyota, and for sure di lahat ng talyer kayang gumawa ng MB coz of their proprietary tools and such>

    German cars have a lot of nuiances that Japs don't have... Things that sometimes, doesn't make sense in a designers standpoint... Tipong, simple thing like aircon cleaning, dyoskopo, mga 3 days gagawin yan kahit anong model, dahil baba buong dashboard in order to access the evap... more labor hours pag mga moderno...

    You also have to consider that madaming parts nya di "tropicalized" so mga rubber seals madalas may leak sa mga germans.

    Mga switches palang weird na mga harnesses ng MB hehe.

    Rust is also a big problem with older MBs, sa kapal ng insulating layers, di mo mapuna kung kinakalawang na bakal.

    Oh, galit ang mga MB fuel injected cars kung di nagagamit, sigurado may magloloko hehe... new or old, MB fuel injected cars tend to act up kung di nagagamit.

    Pero if you can get a tip top shape na W201, tapos you're ready to educate yourself sa german car care, then go for it...

    Naka MB ako in case some people think na anti-euro ako... Mas matibay ang Euro sa long run, pero bar none, mas reliable ang 90's na jap, especially toyotas.

    Ang major pro is that a benz is still a benz, after almost 20 years, a W201 na alaga still looks, feels and sounds much more "appealing" than a much newer Jap.

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    Mar 2003
    sa MB... kung ibebenta mo na ulit..dami pang bibili...

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    Oct 2002
    hmm.. exsior or the w201 (ito po ang body code ng 190E/190D nde po 124)... kung everyday harabas and so on.. get the exsior... but if you want everyday class and dating get teh 201.. yes.. may mga parts na mahal.. may mga parts na mura sa MB... in the long run.. the money spent on it would hold... coz if you sell it, you'd still command a better price than the exsior...

    and tama si wildthing.. kung pang baclaran, recto, divisoria.. wag na lang MB.. one thing.. nde ko malaman.. ang hilig paglaruan ng emblem ng mb!... ewan. ehehe

    in the end.. it is still up to you.. for me. i'd get me a 190D 2.5L (turbo or non turbo).. ehhehe

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    Oct 2002
    I'd go for the Corona Exsior

mb 190e or toyota corona exsior