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    Dec 2010
    Profile:I'm targetting 2011 to buy, but not in a hurry, at all.Brandnew. Budget 850K, Down ni daddy, ill pay for the 5 year installmentsIt'll be my personal vehicle. Daily sa office, Sta mesa - UP Diliman Route. Weekends sa galaan, within MMLA or nearby provinces. The catch is, we dont have a family car yet, and no plans for the next 2 years, so a 7-seater ++ is preferred. We are particular about the after-purchase expenses such as FC, maintenance cost, etc. As a noob, I'm not looking into reselling it, but my dad is particular with resale value. Prospects:avanza - my dad's preference. 1.5L. he like that its smaller. i just thought the 1.5L is with the same price of the innova j. innova - my preference. i think its the better vehicle. i think ill choose the 2.5J D4d .I heard the D4D is alredy solved, and that the higher cost of dsl is a myth, and that the tip is just to get quality Diesel.alternatives are accepted.what say you sa:FCdsl maintenance costd4d issue

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    Jun 2009
    innova na. kahit j pede na yan. upgrade ka na lang ng power windows after some time. kahit sa front lang. then wiper for the rear na din. ipon ule then buy mags kahit ung pang E na mags. pede na. :D

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    Mar 2008
    the D4D problem is both solved and isn't solved, depending on who you ask. but i think majority feel that the problem appears in only a minority of D4D's.
    my innova D4D gives me 300 km for every 1000 kesos of fuel. i can't think of any other gasoline-engined vehicle of similar capacity as the innova, that can give that much distance.
    i don't think anyone will say the avanza's passenger space is even remotely comparable to the innova's.
    diesel prices in the philippines appears to be politically favored. but regular maintenance of diesel engines, in general, costs more than gas engines' . diesel engine change oil costs 1,500 (i think). gas engine oil change costs 1000 (i think). and diesel engine parts are usually more expensive than gas engines'. but hey! you're not going to change parts every week, are you?
    but the real advantage of diesel engines becomes apparent during floods.
    if you buy a vehicle to use it and not to enter it in a beauty contest, the J variant is ok.

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    Dec 2010
    how can i convince dady kaya.. FC ba is better? mas okay ba ang Dsl na 2.5?

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    Dec 2010
    definitely not for papogian. "if you buy a vehicle to use it and not to enter it in a beauty contest, the J variant is ok" sa "300 km for every 1000 pesos" na yan ilan ang ang KM per liter mo nyan?you got it correct, nde nm npalit parts madalas,,, and what's with floods and dsl? sorry, m not familiar.

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    Apr 2010
    Mas ok kung ang AVANZA and INNOVA ay nasa harapan nyo pareho then decide...

    kapatid ko always sinasabi AVANZA kukunin namin wag daw INNOVA... nong nandoon na kami sa toyota nag iba ang pinili nya naging INNOVA.

    Kung gusto nyo naman mag upgrade in the future... it is better to pick the E variant. at G kung kaya ng budget.

    pasama mo ang whole family sa toyota then decide...

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    Dec 2009
    we have the same experience before kaso choosing between Avanza G and Innova J VVT-i. my ate keep on choosing Avanza kasi bagay at cute daw kasi ako lang at siya ang gagamit. choice ko naman Innova J kasi pang J lang ang budget pero nung nakita ko sa personal yung innova esp sa 2nd row legroom innova na talaga naging choice ko. sabi pa ng ate ko sa mom ko "ah basta avanza na iniiba niyo pa decision ng family eh" pero she was surprised na Innova yung dineliver, ayun natuwa at bagay ba bagay daw sa family namin. upgrade ka na lang ng power window, mags etc. Hindi kami nagsisi sa choice namin

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    Apr 2010
    i think lamang ang innova versus avanza :

    fuel efficient lalo ng pag diesel (lalo na ngayon taas na ng gasolina)
    ground clearance

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    Jan 2010
    innova talaga basta family ride malaki kasi...pero kong gusto nyo parang half sedan half family ride..hindi masyadong malaki.....avanza na.

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    Oct 2009
    kung konti lang difference. maganda sa innova na lang

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innova j dsl or avanza 1.5