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    Dec 2010
    just had my unit last nov. 27, odo 547, already consulted the service regarding LOUD STRANGE ENGINE NOISE, of course they said it was just normal and need to reach the 1000km break-in. i requested a comparison in case they have bnew unit with the same engine, PINAG HINTAY AKO NG HALOS ISANG ORAS SA WALA. AKO PA GUMAWA NG PARAAN, ASK WHO THE HEAD MECHANIC, HAD HIM LISTEN TO MY BNEW ENGINE, AND GUESS WHAT?...KELANGAN DIN DAW NYA MA-COMPARE SA MGA BNEW UNIT NA STOCK NILA, we then headed to the warehouse and saw two bnew units 1 innova j & hilux both with same d4d's 2.5 engine. NUNG KUKUNIN NANAMIN YNG SUSI, WALA! I STAYED CALM AND COLLECTED, FOR I DON'T GET MAD I GET EVEN! also having problem to manage to downshift running at 100+kph, i came from a mit adventure gas a/t.

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    Nov 2009
    it can be somewhat due to your vehicle is relatively NEW thats why there are some peculiar sounds your hearing
    but lemme ask you; as to what kind of sound are you referring to?
    if that is very unusual sound compared to other Innova; even though that Innova being compared has run for less than 100k in odo.... some engine sound that is so disturbing that gears are gnashing then it has to be brought to the dealer where you got it and let them check on it immediately...

    if they say such thing as you have to make it run to a specific kms.
    then create a written agreement to be signed by you, the mechanic, head mechanic, your SA, Branch Manager; indicating that specific circumstances.

innova d4d a/t