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    Aug 2005
    pasensya na po for the dumb question pero talaga pong hindi ko alam mga sirs yung difference nung revo dlx, glx, gl, gsx, vx, at sport runner (sr). afaik, napili lang po namin yung revo sr (1st gen) kasi po yun yung pinaka-"sporty" looking sa lahat! ty po mga sirs in advance.

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    May 2005
    DLX & GL
    -steel rims
    -size of tires R14
    - side mirror (plain black )
    - brand of stereo (Fujitsu )
    - engine (7K)
    - with out fog lamps
    - with out rear spoiler
    -with out arm rest
    - door handle (black color)
    - with out body molding or body claddings
    -with out roof rails

    Higher end model Glx,Gxs Vx & SR
    -alloy wheels
    -size of tire R15"
    - stereo (Kenwood)
    -LCD (VX & SR) quite not sure pero meron isa kanila may LCD
    -side mirror (body Color)
    -engine (1RZ-E)
    - with fog lamps
    -rear end spoiler
    -back -up sensors
    -aluminum side step board
    -with arm rest
    - door handle (chrome or body color)
    - with body molding and Body Claddings

    dami pa like hand wheels , carpet ceilings or door sidings at sa underchassis

    wait mo na lang mga REVO expert natin
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    DLX -all manual (no power windows, side mirrors, etc.), Steel Rims, Comes in 1.8 Gas or 2.5 Diesel
    GL - Same as DLX, w/ hub caps and Rear Tail Light Garnish. 1.8 Gas or 2.5 Diesel
    GLX - Power Windows, Sidemirrors, more insulation than DLX and GL variants, Alloy Rims. 1.8 Gas or 2.5 Diesel
    GSX - All Power, Alloy Rims, more insulation than DLX and GL variants, 2.0 Gas
    SR (Sport Runner) - All Power, Alloy Rims, Two Toned paint scheme, Body Cladding more insulation than DLX and GL variants, 1.8 Gas or 2.5 Diesel
    VX - All Power, Alloy Rims, Body Cladding, monotone or two tone paint scheme, DVD and LCD entertainment system, 2.0 Gas or 2.5 Diesel

    If I missed anything paki add na lang

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    2.4 diesel lang po ang alam ko laki nyan....pero siyempre rounded-off figure naman un..

    SR at VX-kalimitan may body sticker

    missed out mo ung limited version: eto ung may gold emblem na lxv ata ung model..cant remember though..pero nilabas ito befor nilabas ung vx models...

    last na nilabas ung vx-diesels....

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    Oct 2002
    1st Gen yr2000
    VX or LXV = 15" wheels,body cladding,leather seat cover,afaik with lcd/dvd player ito, 2.0Gas
    SR = 14" alloy rims,body cladding, 1.8Gas,power windows and sidemirrors

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    Aug 2005
    sa lahat po yata ng ginawa ng toyota, revo(kijang ang name ata sa other countries) ang may pinakamaraming variants! sa sobrang dami di ko na malaman ang visible differences nila! pati yung lxv variant di ko na napansin!!

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    Dec 2003
    GLX has 7k engine.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    GLX has 7k engine.
    same as SR 1st Gen

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    May Diesel Variant din ang VX Series -> VX240.

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    Aug 2005
    hininto na po ba nila production ng revo, innova na po ba talaga? e hindi naman po auv ang innova di ba?
    ano naman po yung iba ko pong nakikitang "sr j"

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ano po difference ng revo dlx,glx,gl,gsx,vx at sr??