I'm looking to buy a compact SUV, but not really too much in to cars which is why I need good advice. Originally I was mulling over buying brand new or 2nd hand model, but currently leaning towards getting 2nd hand because of budget.

Here's what's important to me:

Sporty compact look - not too boxy.
Ride Quality - Comfortable, less bumby ride.
Fuel efficient, but not lacking in power - I live and work in Manila, but travel to Cavite on the weekends.
Less hassle on maintenance (availability of parts, etc.)
Cargo space- as long as I can fit a baby stroller in the back I'm good to go.

What I've considered so far is:
2010 Hyundai Tucson - If I were to get brand new, love the look and seems to be good value. Not sure about the engine and ride.
2004-2005 Toyota RAV4 - Always liked the look of the RAV4 and seems to review well in general. Are the 1.8L RAV4s powerful/quick enough? Kala ko kasi before puro 2.4L yung RAV4
2004-2005 Mitsubishi Outlander - For me, slightly looks better than the RAV4 of same year, but not so sure about overall.
2004-2005 Honda CR-V - Like, the RAV4, always admired the look and I know Honda cars are reliable.

I haven't driven a lot of A/T cars, so I don't really know if I should consider them. From what I know they are less fuel efficient than M/T transmission, but these days is the difference significant?

Let me know if there are other SUVs I should be considering. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks