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    Oct 2008
    Hey guys! Check out what I saw in the internet:

    Source: Toyota Fortuner Facelift spotted doing the testing rounds! |

    From what I'm observing, baka malamang this must be the 2012/2013 Toyota Fortuner minor change...

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    May 2005
    I predict they will bring this in by Sept 2011, in time for the annual Toyota tent event.

    PS: There are still abundant supplies of the 2011 Fortuner. Just take a look at the stockyard of Toyota Manila Bay. They have roughly more than 10+ Fortuners parked there.

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    Sep 2003
    looks very close to the grille of a camry......

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    Mar 2009
    mukhang lc200. hehehehe

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    Sep 2003
    Parang yung accessory chrome grille sa 2005-2007 series ng fortuner. Mas mahaba ngayon yung lower bumper grille, integrated na yung fog lamps.

    Toyota may display the facelifted Fortuner in upcoming IIMS scheduled to happen in Indonesia next month.
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    Oct 2002
    lokohan na yan! wala pa silang ilalabas na all new talaga!?

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    Sep 2003
    how about the diesel variants? D4D pa rin?

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    lokohan na yan! wala pa silang ilalabas na all new talaga!?
    As I like to say to the irritation of a lot of people, eh THIRD WORLD vehicle eh. What do you expect? Just like a global vehicle that is replaced every 5-6 years?? Look at the Crosswind and the Avdenture ayaw talaga mamatay. Ganyan din yang Fortuner and its sibling Innova and all that IMV...

    Seriously kung ayaw man nila ng all new body, sana maskin engine man lang palitan na especially the underpowered 2.5 D4-D...

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    Dec 2004
    This one looks nice,mukhang LC 200..

    Hoping may minor engine updates sya.

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    Apr 2011
    Sir how about the engine? may difference ba? kelan kaya launch nito satin?

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