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    Nov 2006
    halu! ok ba talaga ang samurai pang off road? naghahanap kasi akong 4x4 na magagamit sa farm ko..pls help me guys. ty

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    Oct 2004
    well tumataob siya for sure and many people say that it is like a jeep or something .... get the vitara nalang very capable din naman na off roader e

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    Oct 2002
    kung sa farm lang naman, di naman tataob yan. tataob lang ang samurai pag extreme ang angle.

    i've got one, ok na ok pang offroad. just change tires to a mud tire or tractor tires (whatever you deem better for your needs) para makayanan ang farm mo at hindi mastuck.

    mine is a daily driver and weekend trail vehicle

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    Mar 2005
    kung sa farm mo gagamitin, mamagnify pa lalo ang kalabog. kung sa paved road nga eh ramdam na ramdam na.

    I hate this car so much. I still remember the last time it went out from our garage. It was one of my happiest moments. comparable na comparable, to losing a possessive GF

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    Oct 2002
    hmm.. e kung crv kaya gamitin sa farm, para mas maganda ride? real-time 4wd naman yan. oh well, i'd still stick with my trusty samurai :D

suzuki samurai