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    Oct 2002
    Hi guys!
    Im planning on buying a 2003 Suzuki Jimny. Just want to know if its worth my (dad's) money. Thanks!

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    Oct 2002

    From what I have heard, it drives like a truck, is cramped, is bouncy. Seems kinda slow too.

    But what the heck, its got four wheel drive and solid axles! I want one. hehehe.

    If you're not into that kind of thing, the try more car like alternatives first. :D
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    Nov 2002
    try mo ford escape...saya sa offroading..

    tried it kanina dun kina otep.

    pero okay din ung jumny pang city driving and urban off-roading..!!

    saka di malakas sa gas..:twisted:

    and solid axles -- di katulad sa mga CRV, RAV4 and escape pang kotse suspension.

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    Oct 2002
    Ok po siya dahil maliit at madiling i-maneuver at isingit sa tight places. Parking is a breeze.

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    Nov 2002
    sa tingin ko fun siya i-drive despite the bouncy ride, small engine...etc. kasi dati nung early 90's.. hehe...i had a feroza..and a lancer...i used the feroza more often kahit bouncy ride weak engine, hard clutch, great big blind pa rin gusto ko kasi fun siya idrive! i havent seen the jimny up close pero sa pics mukhang parang ganun din or mas maliit pa nga eh kasi the back seats are really cramped from what i see sa pics..

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    Oct 2002
    one time, i asked some of the peeps here... Jimny or Samurai (both from Suzuki anyway)

    one answer..... samurai...

    do not really know anything about this... alam ko lang na difference... PRICE... :mrgreen:

    [pampagulo lang ako dito sa thread na to e...:mrgreen:]

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    Oct 2002
    Kung ang nais mo ay budget 4x4....then get the samurai instead.
    Kung aesthetic (modelo kasi) na budget 4x4....then get the Jimny.

    my 2 cents.

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    Oct 2002
    i've ridden in a friend's jimny, and the first thing that will strike you is how incredibly cramped the interior is. leg- and footroom at the back seat is close to non-existent, and there's barely enough space for four adults and a school bag...

    obviously, works like a charm in the city (and in otep's patented urban off-roading!) but won't thrive on the highway

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    Mar 2003
    FYI, Jimny has solid axles and coil springs for suspension.....

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    Mar 2003
    One time saw Robbie Mananquil (bench model and brod of Rissa) driving a Jimny sa Greenbelt. eh alam ko mga 6 ft yun kaya he looked awkward sa driver's seat. Imagine ko na lang kung si EJ Feihl nag drive ng Jimny. so ang point ko lang parang di comfortable ito drive ng matangkad. siguro sagad mo na lang yung upuan para totally extended yung legs mo.

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