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    Sep 2010
    mga papz, ask ko lng sna kung anu b magandang pipe ipakabit ko sa celerio???

    plan ko kc na magpa[SIZE=5] scav exhaust[/SIZE] pra mas lumakas pa hatak ng celerio q kso i've heard that pag nka scav dw malakas vibration sa loob ng car...just got it for 2 months plang...pang service po sa school...

    [SIZE=5]what could you suggest to my celerio??? full exhaust system nlng kya or scav exhaust ko pra mas malakas pa ung celerio ko??[/SIZE]

    gusto ko po kc na racing exhaust ung tunog ng celerio ko, suggest nmn kau

    mga papz kung anu mas bagay...

    thanks and god bless

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    Oct 2010
    Hi Sir,

    If you planning to remove the cat converters, then make sure the sensors are properly placed accurately to avoid lean mixture of fuel or else say goodbye to FC.

    3-1 is our stock, go for stainless. 2" outlet is the maximum you can get for muffs of else you will lose torque.

    If you're after for throttle response, there's a lot of ways to increase it without compromising your exhaust system and ride/noise comfort.

    Our celerios are capable of running 190kph and even more on stock engine. See on youtube or team celerio website for proofs.


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    Aug 2004
    Personally... a scavenging exhaust is a bit silly on a daily driver. More noise than power. Best bet is to go for headers and a chip upgrade. Headers will add a nice little snarl to the exhaust without increasing the volume too much.

    What you really want, kasi, is quality sound rather than volume. Going for a scav gives you volume, but it may sound more like a jeepney than a race car.

    Headers, then upgrade after the catalytic converter. step the diameter from the cat to the muffler, with the final diameter at the muffler being around 2". That should be enough for your car. Getting a chip like the Unichip will also give you a boost of power... but it's around 30k pesos brand new.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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