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    Feb 2003
    if you need space and power, mas masikip at mas mabagal yung vitara kesa city mo. although matangkad yung vitara, mas makitid ang interior space. we had a 97 city, 97 vitara, 00 grand vitara v6, but sold na lahat. the gen 1 had rancho 9000 rear shocks and the gv had ome springs and shocks. if you're not going off roading, mas okay ang handling ng gv and it's very torquey and quick (manual tranny). it pulls almost like an e30 323i w/ manual tranny in the 1st 3 gears. matibay yung suspension ng gen 1, after 70T km and 30% of that over rough road walang nasira. medyo matakaw lang nga sa gas, a/t kasi.

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    Jun 2006
    ganda ng Vitara na yan ah.

    meron po bang Gen1 / 2 Vitara na Diesel?

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    Oct 2002
    Sa Russia meron. hehehe.

    Alam ko hindi Suzuki ang mga engines. Binibili lang ng Suzuki from another brand.
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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    Passenger space is pretty much the same. Madali pang sumakay sa Vitara kasi you just step into it. The seat is almost the same level as your butt. No need to 'drop' yourself into the cabin. No need for side steps also.
    very true. yan ang reason kaya ung vitara dito sa bahay ang lagi gamit ng 70+ yr old mother ko. sa xto kasi kailangan pa nya umapak sa stepboard. sa sedan naman kailangan i-bend yung knee and support her weight, eh may athritis na.
    problema lang sa vitara medyo matagtag. hehe

    ang ganda pa nga nung vit na for sale. pwede kaya shocks lang bilhin

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    Oct 2003
    Please refer to this link:

    Suzuki Vitara JLX (1994 and 2004)

    Lots of aftermarket parts to make your Vitara look tough and rough( &, etc.). There are parts available locally and can be purchased everywhere (Links banawe, Fronte banawe, Pilhino, etc)


    1. High ground clearance
    2. Compact and easy to park
    3. Strong engine (power to weight ratio)
    4. Auto Freewheel Hubs
    5. Sturdy underchassis/suspension
    6. Approach and departure angles(RTI)- Good
    7. Aftermarket parts availability
    8. Full ladder-frame chassis
    9. Compubox located high(for water fording)
    10. Capable 4x4 even in box stock.

    1. Weak aircon(some units)
    2. Prone to warp door sidings
    3. Stock suspension (OEM) - bouncy
    4. Expensive spare parts but readily available
    5. Slow acceleration if matic
    6. Insufficient leg room space at rear.
    7. Low amp alternator rating
    8. Vibrating dashboard
    9. Knocking sound during higher revs.
    10. Open diffs

    Fuel economy - Depends on the driver & frequency of maintenance. Around 7 to 9km/Lt City & 11 to 13km/lt Highways.

    * Most common defect of Vitara 97 and below are:
    (check the following if you plan to buy one)

    1. Fuel pump
    2. Power windows/switches
    3. Power steering gearbox
    4. Power steering pump
    5. AC Compressor
    6. Alternator
    7. Door sidings/claddings
    8. Radiator
    9. Water pump
    10. Ceiling cladding
    11. Vibrating dashboards (some units)
    12. Clutch & break linings
    13. Idling fluctuation(due to dirty throttle body)
    14. Side Mirror controller switch

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    Oct 2002
    This is wiretap_md's 'new' Vitara (it has a thread in the Me and My Tsikot forums):

    Ever wondered what happened to the old one?

    Flashback to December 10, 2005

    Sad day indeed for me.

    I was on my way this afternoon to Tagaytay around 3pm with KIDDO and 3 other doctor-companions. I was in the innermost lane right next to the guard rails travelling at 60kph. I just passed Shell Magallanes and somewhere in front of Asia Pacific College when this delivery truck about 20 meters ahead of me in the lane adjacent to mine locked its brakes. Nakita ko pa yung smoke coming out from his front left tire. The trunk then suddenly did a 90 degree turn to my lane. The moment I saw the smoke, I hit the brakes but it was too late. It slammed against my front right fender. We were pinned between the truck and the guardrails. However, the force was so strong that it made my front left tures bite against the guard rails causing KIDDO to climb over and remain balanced. We were in a 45 degree angle to the right. Fortunately, none of us were hurt.

    I sent out a broadcast message to my tsikot,, and 4x4ph/VCP friends. Afrasay was the first to arrive in his Patrol. He accompanied me all the way to the TMG impounding area in Bicutan were I filed my affidavit. Thanks to barcus for his flatbed recommendation, I was able to get KIDDO out of the area and now he rests at FILMAR.

    Damage so far? Crushed rear fender. I'm not sure if my front A-arms were affected but hopefully not. I foresee some chassis structural damage because the body looked bent. Rear right panel just below the quarter panel was dented as well.

    The delivery truck was owned by a certain SO-NICE international corpration based in Sun Valley Paranaque. Manager is Mr. Oscar Kho. Tel. 821-2736-37.

    I will try to get in touch with him on Monday and see how I can claim for damages. As for now, I'm still in a state of shock and disbelief. How I wish it were all just a bad dream that I could just have woken up from. What really saddens me is the effort and memmories I put into KIDDO. I have no plans of having him repaired. No amount of repairs will be able to bring him back to his pre-accident form. Tapos the effort and hassle pa sa repairs, etc. Best to salvage parts from him nalang and put it in another VITARA should I decide to get one again.


    To all who texted me their sympathies and comfort, a big thank you. Its so heartwarming to know that during times like these, I have brothers and sisters in the online community whom I could turn to.

    Ang tibay! hehehe.
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    Dec 2005
    Texted the cellphone (0917-5381675 ) for the Vitara on sale. No response.

    Already sold?


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    Oct 2002
    NEWS FLASH: It has been put off the market just today.

    Meron pa namang ibang units sa FOR SALE section ng
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    had a vit for almost a year. manual, JLX trim. of course mas matagtag compared sa kotse, 7 km/liter lang nakukuha ko but it's built like a truck. yung dash ko maalog and yung mga sidings nagwa warp nga. torquey engine (pang hatak) kaya hindi maganda konsumo pero malakas humatak. Kung may extra 350K ako to burn I'd buy one again and convert it to diesel!hehe. Mazda engine naka kabit sa mga Vit sa Europe. RFZ swak dyan. 2.0 td engine.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    NEWS FLASH: It has been put off the market just today.

    Meron pa namang ibang units sa FOR SALE section ng

    The 'owner' texted me back,- sold na raw!

    Note: This is my 888th post!!!

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