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    Jun 2006
    Will this inflate a tire and seal the hole? Afterwards do you still need to vulcanize the tire? Also, is there a difference between Motul, Gunk and another brand that I can't recall?

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    Oct 2002
    It will repair punctures up to a certain size and the puncture must not be on the sidewall.

    It will not repair tears. And there are times you have to pull out whatever has punctured the tire before using the fix-a-flat can.

    A good back up to your conventional spare tire. Just read the label so you don't get the cheaper ones that are flammable.

    These are limp-home fixes only. You still have to properly fix the tire ASAP.
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    Feb 2005
    Check with a vulcanizing shop first before you use these, you may not be able to repair the tire after you use these products. I know that using these will void any replacement warranty that tire manufacturers put on their tires.

    These products are useless if you puncture is on the sidewall.

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    Feb 2005
    Otep is correct: these "tire repair in a can" products can seal punctures within certain size/dimensions only. I've used these and I still have a can left. It can seal punctures the size of a pin and/or up to the size made by a ipakong bakya puncture. Is it effective? For the size of the puncture I've mentioned, yes - your tire won't deflate. [B]But[/I] don't be complacent: it is still best to have your puncture properly patche up even if it is small.

    However, for punctures on the side-wall (no matter what size), this fix wont work. Now, for punctures caused by pointed objects...oh...the circumference of a 2" nail or something similar, this is a temporary fix - meaning it will inflate your tyre and definitely delay (not prevent) the escape of air effectively until you can have the tyre puncture sealed.

    This fix is handy when you're at a place where a gas station, tyre shop or vulcanizing shop is/are not present or is/are far away. It goes without saying that you need a..."portable compressor" to inflate the tyre after you spray this fix. Them bicycle foot-pumps won't work.

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    Nov 2003
    emergency fix lang yan... don't go too fast if that's all that is holding the tire together.

tire fix in a can