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    Dec 2003
    Just noticed that most of the older cars (circa 1995 up) have a smaller gap between the rear wheel and the wheel well compared to the front. Anything other owners do to avoid this?

    I also just recently replaced my shocks (KYB gas) in the rear but seem to have a bigger spacing out front compared to the rear, is it the spring?

    ~~97 car

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    Jul 2004
    hehe, you mean from tire to fenders, maybe due to engine load..>>

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    Jan 2004
    I think yun yung stock setup, hindi ba? Malaki talaga clearance sa front kesa sa likod, from the fender to the top of the wheel, pero halos pantay yung kotse.

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    Mar 2004
    ganon talaga ang hitsura nun... hehehe... i too have a 95 model car..

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    Oct 2002
    Fender gaps are based on the manufacturer's design. Mas malaki lang talaga ang harap to accomodate your front turning tires. You wouldn't want to scrub the fender on each full turn.

    Sa likod di naman po kasi pimipihit ito tulad ng front tires kaya halos sakto lang ang gap ng tire to fender. :D

    One thing you could do is lower the front end more than the rear, but be wary of your tires and fender scrubbing.

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