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    Jan 2008
    I bought a ALLOY mags 8months ago for my pick up. It cost me 16k plus trade in my oem mags. After some time when my tire must be vulcanize, the shop resisted that they cannot take off the tire due to the design og the mags, it would possibly damage the lip of the tires, so i transferred to another shop, they started to work on in, and the same, they told me that it might tear of some part of the lip of the tire, i sad lets give it a try. so it died teared some rubber of the tires, so with dismay i told to my self that it was a bad purchase of that mag, i remembered that i took them to mount it for about 2hrs to install my old tire to the new mgas they are selling to me.

    Yesterday I was foreced to replace my alloy mags because I will replace two of my old tires, the tire shop told me that it might damage the new tires. So i foreced to purchase a set of steel mags, 12k /set.

    Just want to know the pros / cons of a steel mags; features, functionality and durability.

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    May 2007
    Pros: steel mags.........lighter, durable, cheaper.

    Cons: steel mags........ugly

    Pros: alloy wheel........Guapo(may pangit din)

    Cons: alloy wheel.......expensive, hard to fix if dent.

    About your new wheel the shop where you bought the should have a newer tire machines out there that don't come in contact with the rim. I am surprised that you are having this problem. Maybe, you have to bring your wheel into bigger tire shop w/ much newer machine, designed for those expensive wheel.

Steel/Alloy Mags: Pros & Cons