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    Jul 2004
    I mistakenly installed the wrong wheel locks on my car. The locks I got are 12 x 1.5 I presumed that my wheel bolts are the same. But it turns out that my bolts are 12 x 1.25. Not knowing my error, I forced the bolts in and 3 are installed but I know now that if I do have to removed them, the bolt threads of the three will be stripped and have to be replaced. The other remaining wheel, my front left, has a loose wheel lock (stripped thread on the nut and probably the bolt as well) and wonít come off. One of the other bolts is stripped as well. Can I safely use this for a week, until I got it fixed this weekend? I donít drive too fast naman and I travel about 10 kilometers a day.

    How much of a repair bill am I facing? Where can I have this done? Will this take time to do? Do I have to recamber my wheels after the repair?

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    Oct 2002
    Hmm, i think any good machine shop and retread it to the correct specs...

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    Oct 2002
    ouch! parang nakakatakot na gamitin yan. pero kung ako ikaw, paayos mo na kagad. mahirap na.

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    Jul 2004
    kung mahigpit naman ang nuts baka puede pa yan ng isang linggo kaya lang alalay lang talaga. anf takot ko lang baka bumigay habang nag mamaneho ka

    every morning tignan mo yung gulong at i-inspect mo yung nuts kung mahigpit pa

    nangyari na yan sa akin, i.e. ng loose thread ang bolt. i had to replace it with a new stud. madali lang naman at readily available ata ito.

    ingat pare:D

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    Oct 2002
    dont take any chance pare,
    have it repaired ASAP

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    Aug 2003
    replace your stud bolts asap. the last time i had stud bolts for my patrol replaced they cost me P150 per bolt.

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    Oct 2002
    madali lang yan....depending on the car. Sa honda you need to have it machine pressed. Yung sa mga trucks, its a simple 30 minute procedure (stud bolt replacement)

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    Oct 2002
    hmm..naranasan ko na matanggalan ng bolt yung starex..dalawa na lang yung natira out of 5 or 6 bolts (gosh, d ko na maalala..deym)..
    pinalitan lang ng stud..
    nakalimutan ko na yung price ng stud..
    labor ko lang nagpalit..
    d naman mahirap..sandali lang nya ginawa.

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    Oct 2002
    veteran na ko diyan sa bwiset na wheel stud na yan..hehehe oem stud cost 120 per piece for my mazda familia..pag palit cost 50 petot sa shop along kamias near kalayaan..imo, repair it asap as what the other guys said..delikado mo kasi yan sa kalye e..
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    Nov 2002
    dangerous po.. asap na natin gawin

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