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    Dec 2008
    hello po...

    Can you please recommend a good brake pad for honda city 2004 idsi?
    and where can i have it fix?

    How much po ba if i buy sa honda mismo?


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    Dec 2007
    The stock Honda/Nissin brake pads are PhP3000 or so for a set of 4 to be mounted on the front wheels, if you buy from the dealership.

    I would recommend Bendix's pads. Their General CT and Ceramic lines are the cheapest and should cost under PhP1200.

    For harder braking, the Metal King series is PhP1600, and the Ultimate series is around PhP2500. These are already good for competitive driving and race use. HTH

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    Dec 2008
    thanks type 100.

    i went to speedyfix last saturday to have it changed. They used bendix, it cost me 2000 pesos including the labor and the cleaning of the rear break pads.

    It was my first type in speedyfix, they really are speedy. hehe

    Thanks again.

Brake Pads for Honday City IDSI