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    Oct 2002
    mga sir, any idea kung pano i bleed ang brake system. pwede ba i DIY yun?

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    Oct 2002
    dalhin mo na lang sa talyer. :D

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    Oct 2002
    You cannot DIY yan...kailangan mo ng assistant..
    one of you should be in the drivers sit to pump the
    brake pedal and the other one is the one who is
    adjusting the bleeder...

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    Nov 2002
    Easiest method is with a partner called "manual brake bleeding".

    Manual brake bleeding is the most commond method of bleeding brakes; however, you will need to enlist the help of an assistant. With your assistant sitting in the driver's seat, repeat the following six steps a number of times on each brake until you are sure there is no air trapped in the system. Use a block of wood behind the pedal to prevent it from travelling all the way to the floor. Lastly, place a three foot piece of vinyl hose on the end of the bleeder screw to direct old fluid into a plastic container.

    Ignition system off. On vehicles which are rear wheel drive the sequence should start with the wheel farthest to the master cylinder and end with the wheel which is closest from the master cylinder.

    Example: Right Rear, Left Rear, RF, and LF

    On front-wheel drive vehicles; the sequence will change. These systems use a diagonal configuration for safety purposes. On this system the sequence should start with the wheel farthest to the master cylinder as before, however the next wheel in the sequence will be diagonally aligned with that wheel.

    Example: Right Rear, Left Front, LR, and RF

    1) Instruct your assistant to pump the brake pedal for thirty seconds
    2) Instruct your assistant to press and hold the brake pedal firmly
    3) Open a bleeder screw and let the air and old fluid escape
    4) Close the bleeder screw
    5) Instruct your assistant to release the brake pedal
    Wait fifteen seconds

    Imporant: For vehicles with ABS, follow OEM procedures. Can be vehicle specific.

    Many modern vehicles from 96 and up can be bled using a scan tool without getting your hands dirty.

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    Oct 2002
    Sabi ng isang dating mekaniko galing casa, instead na i-bleed nila yung brake system, hinihigop (or ginagamitan ng parang foam) na lang yung brake fluid sa container at nagtitira ng konti sa brake lines. Pagkatapos ay ibubuhos na lang daw yung bagong brake fluid. Less work at mas mabilis pa raw kapag kailangan nang magpalit ng brake fluid. May gumawa na ba sa inyo nito???

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    Oct 2002
    you can do it alone ...depende sa ride mo..

    i've tried bleeding a liteace by myself..
    parati kasing naninikit yung preno nung liteace namin dati e..
    abot ko kasi yung brake pedals tsaka yung bleeder. :P

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    Oct 2002
    can't do it alone wreckless, dahil corona auto ko e. thanks sa replies, hanap ako katulong para taga pump!:!::D

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