SINGAPORE : It's a simple challenge facing 440 contestants at Ngee Ann City
Civic Plaza.

Be the last pair standing and you win not one but two cars.

The fourth MediaCorp Radio Subaru Challenge is back, but with a twist.
Contestants need hands that stick like glue to win this most unusual

Whoever is able to put their palm on the car the longest would drive away
two brand new cars, valued at $65,000 each - without COEs.

Last year's winner stood for nearly 75 hours.

But the organisers are not expecting this year's contestants to last that long
because of the team format.

Tan Boulsian, husband and wife team, said: "He's the one who decided to
take part, I just follow. We try our best, I don't know, I hope we can
make it."

Alex Cheng, husband and wife team, said: "This is our first time taking part,
so we try to last as long as possible. I think she will last longer, she seems

Chen Xiao Yun, team of friends, said: "I guess it's just mind over body. I will
be thinking of her with my hands on the car."

Quincy Liew, team of friends, said: "I was just trying my luck and I called in
and I got through! Basically to stay focused and not get distracted, and try
to stay awake at night."

Taking part once is punishing enough, especially under the hot sun, but there
are those who just cannot seem to get enough.

Clifford Lee, second-time contestant, said: "My ex-colleague called me up, so
we actually paired up together and come for the challenge. Our strategy this
year is short-term goal every six hours."

Adi Akbar Arifin, fourth-time contestant, said: "To enjoy the game, to meet
more people, to meet the deejays, to see old friends winning is a secondary
thing and a bonus to me."

San Chua, second-time contestant, said: "Maybe we just keep ourselves
entertained throughout."

Whatever their strategies, the fun has just begun for what will be a long road