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    Quote Originally Posted by JackFlash View Post
    Those Singaporeans are lucky. The BRZ will be launched there in April: Motor Image e-Newsletter | Vol. 47 (March 2012) | The BRZ Launch

    Japan gets it by end March: Subaru BRZ Japan Edition To Be Launched in March - Singapore Motoring News -

    I hope MI surprises us with a display unit at MIAS. Next questions are, will they sell it here, when and how much?
    MI already confirmed that they will sell it here.
    Motor Image Pilipinas bares plan to launch BRZ, XV, all-new Impreza - News |

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    MI will make the BRZ available in 2013 pa...

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    autocar UK tested the BRZ againt the 370z and miata. Declared the BRZ probably the best sports car to come from japan since the NSX. cant wait for the BRZ to be released here.

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    collaboration with toyota...FT86...andito na daw yan sa pinas toyota engine nga lang...below 2M daw ang 20 ft86 na ang nagmamay ari nyan dito sa pinas..

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    Double post
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    The ad and PR for Toyota 86 came out in Manila Bulletin last Jun 21:
    Highlights of the article; key points in bold fonts:
    Or if you make up your mind fast enough, you just might be one of the 77 who will own an 86 by the end of this year, for that is the number of units allotted to TMP for this year, said Yuji Goto, EVP of Marketing. He, too, had owned an AE86 before and hopes to own an 86 – “But the customer first,” he said, referring to the very limited number of 86 that will be available in the Philippine market.

    Mr. Goto said they can sell 20 to 30 units a month but the supply is so limited. Around the world, there is a long waiting line for the 86.

    In the Philippine market, the 86 comes in three variants – the Manual Transmission priced at P1,550,000, Automatic Transmission priced at P1,650,000 and a sportier Aero variant is also available which features a wrap-around body kit and a rear spoiler priced at P1,875,000.

    A White Pearl color option is also available on all variants for an additional P15,000.

    The 86 comes in seven stylish colors: Satin White Pearl, Sterling Silver Metallic, Orange Metallic, Lightning Red, Galaxy Blue Silica, Dark Gray Metallic and Crystal Black Silica.
    The other article reads like a press kit: Toyota 86: A Legend Surpassed | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

    I hope the BRZ will be in the same price range, with more units available when it's launched. Out of curiosity, I dropped by Toyota Alabang to ask about the 86. The SA said that most units have already been lapped up by all the dealers' VIP clients. So I thought buti nga para pag labas ng BRZ, di na nila pansinin. But that's just being optimistic.

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    Any ETA? To me, this looks better than the 86. 👍

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    [ame=]Scorched: 2013 Subaru BRZ - YouTube[/ame]

    cool commercial

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    Quote Originally Posted by foifoi05 View Post
    You mean "hot commercial" Definitely a lot better than the boring one that's running on cable TV (AXN, Fox Channel). Except that the "hot" car ad has already been done before (same concept, different treatment). I'm sure you'll remember this. A car so hot, the surroundings get burned. Looks like some foreigner in Subaru's ad agency was searching around in YouTube and thought, "Maybe if I tweaked the idea around a bit, those Filipinos won't mind..."

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