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    reminder: GMs na walang access sa internet during the weekend PM me your picks or CP#s so that we can finish this draft faster

    atat na matapos hehe

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    Oct 2002

    Rank the other teams from strongest to weakest in your opinion (so 11 lang i-rank nyo ha! hehe) - Give reasons/analysis if you wish... Take note for fantasy purposes lang to (H2H), not in the real world.

    Here's mine...

    1) PK's - Not much to say... damn. Has to pray that 3 out of 4 of his studs can stay healthy/not-suspended.

    2) 2Slow - Another "if healthy, extremely tough team"

    3) Dehadista - Solid, stable stats from everyone...

    4) Mantoy - 4 starters that almost never deviates from high double-doubles... Rarely gets hurt too.

    5) Warp - All young, all excited (and exciting) player, should contribute well, but might be inconsistent... A disgruntled Marion may be a shaky foundation.

    6) ILD - I have to say this is like my older teams hehe high-risk/high reward in terms of injuries.4 players coming from off-season injuries without much reports about.

    7) Isuzoom - Last 3 picks balanced the team for 9-cat purposes.

    8) FXT - Stats too scattered across the picks, I'd expect a lot of close weekly scores with such a lineup... Strong, but doesn't really dominant in any particular cat.

    9) Bimbim - You guys know I'm a Kidd/Yao/West fan... but two of them really are quite worn down, with the Olympics coming up, I think this may be Yao's most stressed year. He's still human... I hate your Conley pick (akin kasi dapat), but you made it up with Al Harrington and Nenad :D

    10) Kimpoy - Man... Nice individual guys, but where will you get your guard stats now at this stage? Nobody steals, passes and shoots 3s in your lineup apart from Deron... That's 3 cats gone.

    11) Ungas - Have to say this first... Year after year, Ungas have been handicapped since he's in the province with very limited internet access. He can't scout the rooks, he can't keep track of the transactions during the off-season as well. His picks are limited to what the other GM's updates are with who has been picked/left... Yet year after year, competitive team nya hehe. Besides, 82 games, the draft is not as important as it seems vs who you pick-up/trade along the way.

    Don't need to agree/disagree, just opinions :D


    Sorry, bored sa draft proceeding hehe
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    veed - no comment sa team mo?

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    Read the first line pre hehehe langya not reading eh! hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    yan, ginawa ko nang red hehehehhe

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    Oct 2002
    he..he nice analysis... top 6 lang masaya na ako he..he

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    my team sucks :waah:

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    whoops my bad veed, only had 5 hours of sleep

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    You sleep during draft week???? What kind of Commish are you hehehe...

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    Oct 2002
    Sino na ba?!!! Keep the freakin ball rolling!!!

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