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    Oct 2002
    Ok copy. What if one isn't able to log on the boards? Pwede via email communicaiton nalang for the draft?

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    Oct 2002
    yup... pwede email communication of your draft pick... ako or another representative can post in your behalf. email ko din sa iyo ang updated draft picks before you make your pick.

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    Oct 2002
    ok email me at my gmail account. lang yung domain, same username as my yahoo id

    let's get it on!!

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    Oct 2002
    m2....this is the draft order generator that i used last season. it automatically sends the randomly generated draft order to your email and all the other owners' email addys at the same time...

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    Oct 2002
    Yup... already have that one bookmarked.

    Although I do have another random draft order generator in my bookmarks, but there's no email confirmation (so honesty is the best policy system).

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    May 2006
    If tentative start of slow draft is Sept 21, then we can finalize the list of participants here until Sep 20, right M2?

    NBA pre-season starts Oct 6....and by this time, we could have been well on our way to Round 6 or 7 already.

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    Oct 2002
    updated list

    1. Eismann
    2. Spiff
    3. Jim
    4. Baiskee
    5. Gumusut Amige
    6. Boeing 747
    7. Mazdamazda
    8. M54 Powered
    9. Altis
    10. OwnerType
    11. jlee*
    12. ssaloon

    * hasn't confirmed

    does anybody have the contact number or ym of jlee & jim? they only have until sept 15 to confirm their participation (since maghanap pa tayo ng replacements for them just in case).
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    Jan 2005
    did some digging on my old files and found the old draft order for last year's League B

    1. jim
    2. eismann
    3. boeing747
    4. mantoy
    5. fxt
    6. dehadista
    7. ILuvDetailing
    8. isuzoom
    9. gumusut_amige
    10. 2slow
    11. spiff
    12. baiskee


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    m2: nagconfirm na saken si jim by YM

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    Oct 2002
    thanks ILD!


    If there are no protests, I have taken the liberty to use a draft order randomizer without an email confirmation.

    This means that this is an honor-system wherein I did not tamper with the draft order results in anyway (e.g. making up the draft order, regenerating the order to achieve a good result, etc.) and that you guys trust me 100%.

    Here's the proposed order:

    Tsikot Fantasy NBA Season III (League B) Draft Order:

    Pick # 1: Altis
    Pick # 2: Baiskee
    Pick # 3: Jlee*
    Pick # 4: Mazdamazda
    Pick # 5: Eismann
    Pick # 6: Ownertype
    Pick # 7: M54
    Pick # 8: Ssaloon
    Pick # 9: Jim
    Pick # 10: Gumusut
    Pick # 11: Boeing
    Pick # 12: Spiff


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Tsikot Fantasy NBA Season III (League B)