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    Alam ko me mga manggagamot tayo dito....

    Baka lang me mga katanungan mga members, at sa maliliit na payo e matulungan tayo tungkol sa ating kaulusugan....

    Salamat Dok!

    Finding the right doctor
    MIND YOUR BODY By Willie T. Ong, MD (The Philippine Star) Updated January 04, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (0)

    Special thanks: Our family is greatly indebted to many doctor-friends who have shared their expertise with us and shown us great kindness. For the past few months, my 100-year-old grandmother has been under the expert care of the doctors, residents, and nurses at the Manila Doctors Hospital. Words cannot express our eternal gratitude for their compassionate care. Thanks to Dr. Roehl Salvador (surgeon), Dr. Noemi Pestano (cardiologist), Dr. Melecia Velmonte (infectious disease specialist), Dr. Abundio Balgos (pulmonologist), Dr. Billy Ong (anesthesiologist), Drs. Rey and Iris Tan (nephrologist and endocrinologist), Dr. Alfredo Pontejos (ENT doctor) and Dr. Raffy Chan (gastroenterologist).
    * * *
    If you don’t feel well, do you always know which doctor to go to? Well, I know that a lot of patients are confused as to which doctor to go to for their symptoms.
    As a general rule, first consult a family medicine practitioner or a general practitioner for your medical concerns. And if your case warrants it, he/she will direct you to another doctor.
    For this article, I’ll give you a rundown of some specialties of doctors and a short description of what they do. This is just a partial list.
    Allergologist: If you have problems with allergy, constant runny nose, sneezing, coughing or rashes that just come and go, see an allergologist. I was lucky to find a good allergologist who diagnosed my daughter Anjelica’s constant itching and rashes. We found the culprit — allergy to eggs. Thanks to Dr. Benigno Agbayani Sr.
    Cardiologist or heart specialist: If you have chest pains, heart disease, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you need to see a cardiologist. There are several kinds of cardiologists. A general cardiologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels in adults. A pediatric cardiologist treats heart diseases in children. They are the experts in congenital heart diseases, like if a baby is born with a hole in the heart. If you need an angiogram or an angioplasty, you need to see an interventional cardiologist.
    • Cosmetic surgeon: Well, this line of work needs no explanation. You may need one if you want to be beautiful, have your eye bags removed, and turn back the years.
    Dermatologist: If you have skin problems, you want your unsightly blemishes or warts removed, or you’re considering hair removal, you need to see a dermatologist.

    Ear, nose, throat specialist: For ringing ears, dizziness, deafness, and, sometimes, for objects stuck inside the ear, see an ENT specialist. By the way, they’re the experts, too, in nose bleeding, polyps, mouth sores, and tonsillitis.
    Endocrinologist: OK, think diabetes, fatty foods, and obesity. Also add problems of goiters and hyperactive thyroids. You need your diabetes experts, the endocrinologists.
    Gastroenterologist: I guess you know that gastro doctors treat ulcers, abdominal pains, and constipation. But they’re experts in problems of the liver (like hepatitis), gallbladder, and pancreas, too. Gastroenterologists are the ones who perform a proctosigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer.
    Infectious disease specialist (IDS): For prolonged fever and difficult-to-treat infections, ranging from dengue to typhoid, ***ually-transmitted disease, and swine flu, you need the IDS experts.
    Nephrologist or kidney specialist: If you have urinary problems or swelling of the feet, you can see a nephrologist. They handle all kinds of kidney diseases, as well as kidney failure, dialysis, and kidney transplants.
    Neurologist or brain specialist: If you experience persistent headaches, dizziness, or tingling of the hands and feet, see a neurologist. They’re the experts in diseases of the nervous system, plus the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.
    Obstetrician and gynecologist: They provide care during pregnancy and childbirth, and also treat conditions of the female reproductive system. There are some doctors who train in oncology and gynecology combined (the gyne-onco), which makes them the experts in treating masses and cancers of the uterus, cervix, and ovaries.
    Oncologist or cancer specialist: This line needs no explanation. They’re the cancer experts.
    Ophthalmologist or eye specialist: Is this article blurry or foggy? For any problems related to the eye, see your ophthalmologist who’s the expert in cataract, glaucoma, and red eyes.
    Pediatrician: These kids’ specialists take care of patients from birth through their teenage years, maybe until 15-16 years old. Everyone needs a pediatrician, at one time in their lives, for vaccines and checkups.
    Psychiatrist: A psychiatrist treats depression, anxiety disorders, and mental illness. They handle drug addiction problems, alcoholism, as well as relationship/emotional problems. And don’t worry, majority of their patients are not mentally ill. They’re really a pleasure to talk to.
    Pulmonologist or lung specialist: Have difficulty breathing? Coughing out phlegm? Smoking every day? Losing weight? See a lung specialist before it’s too late. Pulmonologists also treat asthma, allergies, and those with sleep apnea.
    Rheumatologist: A rheumatologist specializes in arthritis problems. Any joint, bone, and muscle pain is within their field of expertise, too.
    Surgical Specialties
    Cardiothoracic surgeon: Heart bypass, fixing an aortic aneurysm, and removing a mass in the lung — cardiothoracic surgeons perform these delicate and difficult operations within the heart and chest area.
    General surgeon: Diagnoses and removes diseased organs such as the appendix, gallbladder, thyroid, breast masses, and other cysts.
    Neurosurgeon: Brain tumors, brain aneurysms, spinal nerve problems are all delicate operations for the steady hands of our neurosurgeons.
    Orthopedic surgeon: For bone problems like fractures, osteoporosis, and various aches and pains, see your orthopedic surgeon. They also handle hip and knee problems, especially sports-related injuries.
    • Plastic surgeon: This miracle worker repairs the physical defects of our skin, muscles, face, extremities, breasts, and external genitalia.
    Urologist: Here’s the favorite doctor of guys above 50. They’re the experts in impotence, prostate problems, and *** concerns. All your secrets are safe in the private office of your favorite urologist.
    There are many more important specialties and fields in medicine (such as rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine, anesthesia, colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, alternative medicine, public health medicine, and many more). Maybe in the future, I can come up with a second part to this article.
    Finally, for your medical problems, my advice is for you to look for PRC board-certified doctors and you can’t go wrong. More power to all our Filipino doctors!

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    WIP here! ICC at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by scharnhorst View Post
    WIP here! ICC at the moment
    bro, medical terms ba yan?

    Thanks Doc!

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    Bakit kailangang magplano ng pamilya?
    DOC WILLIE Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong (Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated January 06, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (2)

    SA aming medical mission, may pamilya kaming binisita sa tabi ng riles ng tren sa Sta. Mesa. May pito silang anak, lahat may tuberculosis. Ang tatay at nanay, may TB din. Tinulungan namin sila at binalikan pagkaraan ng 5 buwan. Hayan, naospital ang nanay dahil nabuntis na naman at dinugo ng malakas. Papaano pa kaya sila aahon sa buhay?
    Ayon sa pagsusuri, heto ang mga paraan ng family planning na ginagamit ng Pinoy: Pag-inom ng pills (32%); Ligation sa babae (19%); Withdrawal (14%); Rhythm method (14%); Condom (4%) at Vasectomy (0.2%).
    Ang 2 permanenteng paraan ng family planning ay ang vasectomy at ligation.
    1. Vasectomy sa kalalakihan
    Ayon kay Dr. Eduardo Gatchalian, dating presidente ng Philippine College of Surgeons, ligtas at epektibo ang vasectomy. Ang vasectomy ay isang simpleng operasyon kung saan pinuputol ang tubo ng semilya ng lalaki (tinatawag na vas deferens). Magagawa ito sa loob ng 30 minutos at ginagamitan lang ng local anesthesia.
    Masama ba ang epekto ng vasectomy sa *** life? Hindi, walang itong epekto sa pagtatalik. May semen pa rin na lalabas sa lalaki, ngunit wala nga lang itong semil­ya (sperms) na nakabubuntis.
    Si Dr. Jondie Flavier ay nagpo-promote din ng vasectomy. Ayon kay Doc Jondie, ito’y para hindi rin mahirapan ang mga babae. Alam naman natin kawawa ang babae sa laging pagbubuntis. Maghihirap sila ng 9 na buwan. Duduguin pa kapag nanganak. Mabuti sana kung sapat ang pera ng pamilya para magpalaki nang maraming supling.
    2. Ligation sa kababaihan

    Ang ligation ay isang operation kung saan tinatali ang fallopian tubes ng babae. Ang fallopian tubes ay pinagdadaanan ng itlog ng babae mula sa obaryo papunta sa bahay bata (uterus). Kapag tinali ito, hindi na magbubuntis ang babae.
    Madalas ay sinasabay ang ligation sa panga-nganak ng babae. Lalo na kung Caesarian Section o CS ang ginawa, napaka­dali lang magpa-ligate. Ligtas ang ligation at bihira lang magkakomplikasyon. Ginagawa ito sa mga ospital ng gobyerno.
    Kung ikukumpara natin ang vasectomy sa ligation, mas madaling gawin ang vasectomy sa lalaki. Puwede itong pag-usapan ng mag-asawa kung ano ang pipiliin nila.
    Bilang isang doktor, marami na akong nakitang pasyente na matutulungan ng family planning. Tulad ng mga babaing may rheumatic heart disease at mahina ang puso. Kadalasan ay hindi kakayanin ng puso ang stress ng pagbubuntis.
    Ayon kay Dr. Flavier, kailangan nating ibahagi ang tamang impormasyon tungkol sa family planning. Karapatan ito ng bawat isa. Ngayon, depende sa kanilang paniniwala at pa­nanaw sa buhay, ma-ka­gagawa sila ng tamang desisyon para sa kanilang sarili.
    Good luck po.

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    Quote Originally Posted by desert fox View Post
    bro, medical terms ba yan?

    Thanks Doc!
    sir, work-in-progress. hehe. am in my intro to clinical clerkship year

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    'Lagi pong makati ang aking lalamunan'
    WHAT'S UP DOC? Ni Dr. Tranquilino Elicaño Jr. (Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated January 09, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (1)

    Dr. Elicaño, mula pa po noong November ng nakaraang taon ay pabalik-balik ang pangangati ng aking lalamunan. Marami na akong lozenges na ginamit pero wa epek. Patuloy ang pangangati at iritado ako. Sa madaling araw ay hindi ako makatulog dahil sa sobrang kati ng aking lalamunan. Ano po ang mabuti rito?MABEL SAN ANTONIO ng F. B. Harisson, Pasay City
    Hindi mo binanggit kung nilalagnat ka. Ang unang pala­tandaan kasi ng lagnat ay ang pagkakaroon ng sore throat o pangangati ng lalamunan. Usung-uso ngayon ang sore throat sapagkat malamig ang klima.
    Ano ba ang dahilan at nagkaka-sore throat? Ito ay kagagawan ng Streptococcus bacterium. Ang mga dahilan kung bakit nagkakaroon ng sore throat ay mataas na intake ng refined carbohydrates, matatamis na pagkain gaya ng biscuits, table sugar at ang pagkain din naman ng mga mababa sa micronutrients. Dahilan din ang paninigarilyo at pag-inom ng sobrang alak.
    Dapat may sapat na Vitamins D at E ang diet para malabanan ang atake ng Streptococcus bacterium na lumilikha ng sore throat.
    Ang Vitamin D ay matatagpuan sa mga oily fish. Kaya dapat mag-fish diet ang mga may sore throat para malabanan ang infection at nang magkaroon ng healthy immune system. Ang Vitamin E naman ay matatagpuan sa abokado, olive oil, nuts at seeds.
    Ang kakulangan din naman sa Vitamin C ay magi-ging dahilan din para madaling makapitan ng infection. Mayaman sa Vitamin C ang strawberries, oranges at red pepper. Makatutulong din naman para mahadlangan ang pagkakaroon ng infection kung kakain ng mga yellow o orange fruit at vegetables gaya ng apricots, carrots at spinach.

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    'Lumuluwa ang mga mata dahil sa hyperthyroidism'
    WHAT'S UP DOC? Ni Dr. Tranquilino Elicaño Jr. (Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated January 30, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (0)

    Dr. Elicaño, isang magandang araw po sa iyo. Ibig ko lang pong isangguni itong napapansin ko sa aking bunsong kapatid na babae. Lumuluwa po ang kanyang mga mata, hindi mapagkatulog, kinakabahan at laging irritable. Nang una po namin siyang ipa-check-up sabi ng doctor ay lumalaki ang kanyang thyroid gland. Hindi naman po gaanong ipinaliwanag ng doctor kung ano ang sakit na ito. Hindi naman kami makapagpa-checkup sa iba dahil sa kakulangan ng pera. Kaya ipinasya ko na sa inyo mag-email. Salamat po sa inyong pagtugon. God Bless.Gilda Manrique, Tuayan St. Tatalon, QC
    Sa mga ibinigay mong palatandaan o sintomas, maaa-ring may hyperthyroidism ang kapatid mo. Ang hyperthyroidism ay yung overfunctioning ng thyroid gland sa leeg. Bukod sa pagluwa ng mga mata, hindi mapagkatulog, laging kinakabahan at iritable, sintomas din ang pagkakaroon ng menstrual problem, sensitive sa init, mabilis ang tibok ng pulso at ang madalas na pagdumi. Gusto ng may hyperthyroidism na mag-gain ng timbang at magkaroon ng extra energy pero hindi naman niya magawa.
    May mga pag-aaral na ang mga may hyperthyroidism ay nagti-take ng nutritional supplements na may animal thyroid hormone. Nang tumigil sila sa pagtake nito, naging normal ang kanilang thyroid gland.
    Kapag stress, ang katawan ay nagse-secrete nang maraming thyroid hormones, kaya ipinapayo na mag-relax. Kumain nang mga protein rich foods gaya ng karne, cheese, beans and peas. Makatutulong din ang Vitamin A.
    Ang radioactive iodine at operasyon ang karaniwang ginagawang paraan para ma-treat ang overactive thyroid.
    Ipinapayo ko na ipa-checkup muli ang kapatid mo para makumpirma ang kanyang hyperthyroidism.

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    Revive ko nga itong thread at for sure me mga doktor tayong member dito...

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    I'm a lowly ENT head and neck surgery resident at UST hospital. The owner of this website is an accomplished pediatrician.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    I'm a lowly ENT head and neck surgery resident at UST hospital. The owner of this website is an accomplished pediatrician.
    anak ng seruhano(tama ba tagalog ng surgeon?)....lagi ko ito itaas itong thread para sa mga members natin na me mga katanungan sa inyo.....

    for sure yung maliliit nyong payo ay napakalaking utang na loob na namin ito sa inyo.

    woot woot!!!

    (nakalimutan ko) - salamat dok!!!

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Salamat Dok!!!!