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    Enjoy (view the other essays too...)

    How do you draw the line between a job and slavery?
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    Nice site! Definite must-read.

    It's a real problem... it's hard for authorities to coordinate on these things, as the home countries don't have enough muscle in the host countries, and the host countries don't tend to pay attention to the problems of non-citizens as much.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    thanks... an eye-opener for me...

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    It's also about time to realize that not only are Filipino workers subjected to this as well...

    Great site, huh... check out the Katrina stories as well...

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    Nov 2005
    It's a matter of what country's citizen u are.

    Citizens of rich countries rarely get abused abroad coz their governments have the resources to protect them and the power to retaliate if their citizens do get abused.

    Citizens of poor countries are the ones who often get abused coz their poor govts cannot protect them and have totally no retaliatory power.

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    ayus to. eye opener!

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    why do we dream big, why do lower income people proceed elsewhere to fulfill their dream, why is it necesary for them to struggle there? what are the worth, consequences, relevance of all this in todays life...

    we/they dream big because of poverty.

    in the philippines before the manila dream fulfills every probinsyanas and probinsyanos, they thought manila is the answer to their empty pockets, but now america is the dream where every pinoys wants where to be.

    struggling in manila, or in the philippines per se isnt enough to sustain themselves, themsleves includes parents, brothers and sisters, sometimes even neighbors, so working in a more competent field is their top choice, irregardless of what the work may be, a doctor would be a nurse, a teacher will be a domestic helper, a chef could be construction worker, and how about the under educated, to dream big rather to earn big they need to have an edge, so they use their body as the bait to wealth.

    as for me, id find a beautiful, young and rich wife=)

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