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    Sep 2005
    BTV? Bastketball TV tama diba?? Premium channel sya sa Destiny..

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    Oct 2002
    Wala bang nanonood ng mga channel na iyon?

    Parati naman ako nanonood ng Elimidate, Blind Date, Parental Control, Change of Heart (wala na ata ito), etc. sa ETC.

    Baka cost cutting lang sila kasi halos monopolize na nila ang Cable TV biz sa Metro Manila.
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    Jun 2006
    Mas maganda mga cable sa province like USATV sa Pangasinan. Dapat ang alisin nilang mga channels yung laksa-laksang mga chinese na channels at mga chat tv.

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    Oct 2002
    I have nothing against foreign channels pero parang panahon pa ni Mahoma yung mga pinapalabas ng Sky sa Chinese Entertainment Channel. Kahit siguro mga nakakaintindi ng Chinese hindi pinapanood iyon!
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    Jan 2003
    Kalokohan yang sinasabi nilang wala na/konti na lang nanonood sa mga channels na yan. Ganyan din sila nung nawala yung Star channels sa kanila dati e. Kesyo you won't miss these channels daw because there's still channel so-and-so which shows some of the same programs, eg. Channel 5/Studio 23 in lieu of Star World, Myx for Channel V, etc. Yah right.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by 170kphlang View Post
    if this is true... dapat bawasan nila singil nila
    baka naman kagaya nung last time na nangyari, tinanggal na nga nila star channels e nagtaas pa sila ng singil. kaya lumipat na lang kami sa destiny.

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    Nov 2002
    why don't they just erase those foreign channels almost no one watches, like the chinese, indian, taiwanese and some korean channels.
    Why take out the english channels.

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    Sep 2007
    this news has been circulating the net since july but it was confirmed this september.
    skycable even posted an ad on phil. star and inquirer, highlighting their new channel lineup next year

    aside from the 5 channels Altis6453 posted, Crime/Suspense is also included.

    skycable has already found the replacements for the loss of Solar's 6 channels. 2 of them are made by CPI, sister company of ABS-CBN and SkyCable, the company that also created the Lifestyle Network, HeroTV ANC and Cinema One.

    the replacement channels are:
    1. Balls - sports channel by CPI
    2. Maxxx - men's channel, similar to JackTV also by CPI
    3. Velvet - women's channel, CPI created as well.
    4. AXN Beyond, another AXN channel.
    5. Fox Crime - similiar to crime/suspense but will old seasons, from STAR TV
    6. KidsCo - kids channel by the company who owns Hallmark channel.

    now, to all SkyCable subscribers like me, this is what we'll gonna miss out next year once Solar's channel are removed. for starters, Olympics 2008, 2010 and 2012 will be included, NBA Games, WWE, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien, Ellen, next season of Heroes, PrisonBreak and 24.

    Courtesy of GARLiC on PinoyExchange, A letter sent out by Solar to Cable TV providers and distributors:

    Greetings from Solar Entertainment Corporation!

    We would like to provide everyone with updates on recent developments in the area of programming, such as key acquisitions, telecast policy and business initiatives. Aside from having the rights to ALL Manny Pacquiao fights and the NBA games we also continue to have exclusive rights to many of the best properties for our sports and entertainment channels.

    Moving toward the last quarter of 2007 and into the New Year, We are happy to announce the following:

    1. Solar has entered into agreement with the International Olympics Committee (IOC) covering all Exclusive Broadcast Rights including Free TV, Basic Cable, satellite, mobile television, pay television, closed-circuit television and internet television for the following:

    * 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
    * 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games
    * 2012 London Olympic Games

    Next year, 8/08/08, Solar will be bringing to the Philippines an unprecedented number of hours of various Olympic sports through Pay Per View, Closed Circuit, RPN, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, ETC and 2nd Avenue from Beijing. In addition, Solar will be sending its production crew to Beijing to cover the participation of the Philippines at the Games.

    2. To continue our ability to deliver to our valued clients the most current entertainment programming, Solar has secured multi-year volume deals with major studios and production companies including the following:

    * NBC-Universal Television
    * Warner Brothers International Television
    * Fox Television
    * CBS-Paramount

    The deals give Solar first choice of selection over all new products and properties from the studios and provide our cable affiliates the assurance that all hit series such as 24, Heroes plus the new series from the 2007 production slate will exclusively have its premieres and first telecast window on Solar's Channels over our competition.

    Renewed hit series for the season are the following:

    * Heroes
    * Bones
    * 24
    * Shark
    * Prison Break
    * My Name is Earl
    * America's Next Top Model
    * Project Runway
    * Top Chef
    * Saturday Night Live
    * One Tree Hill
    * Without A Trace
    * Cold Case
    * The Closer
    * Men in Trees
    * Hell's Kitchen
    * Extreme Makeover
    * Home Edition
    * Beauty And The Geek
    * Law and Order SVU
    * Nip Tuck
    * The Office
    * The Simpson's
    * Family Guy
    * Survivors: China
    * America's Got Talent.

    Recently acquired for telecast this next few months are the following:

    * The Sopranos
    * Entourage
    * My Boys
    * The Tudors

    And from the new television season in the U.S., the new series we have acquired are the ff:

    * Bionic Woman
    * The Sarah Connors Chronicles
    * Pushing Daisies
    * Chuck
    * Big Bang Theory
    * Alien In America
    * Journeyman
    * New Amsterdam
    * Big Shots
    * Burn Notice
    * Moonlight

    3. The most exciting news for all our clients and agencies which we would like to share with you, coinciding with the start of the new Fall Season this October, 2007, in the United States, Solar will be scheduling series such as Heroes, 24, Prison Break, Sarah Connors Chronicles and Bionic Woman, on a day and date basis with the US telecast schedule.

    This means, instead of waiting for the inevitable delay due to tape shipment and to counter the illegal downloading of content on the internet, cable viewers can now watch these series at the same time as the American viewers. This dramatic scheduling innovation will surely add more value to their viewing experiences.

    Of course, the current world class sports properties will continue including the FIBA games, U.S. NCAA, Collegiate Champions League, PBL games, French Open Tennis, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bundes Liga, La Liga, the NFL and PGA Golf Tour.

    Btw, the subscription rates stays the same and people from Solar said this started because Pacman is already exclusive to GMA-7.
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    Oct 2002
    How much na ba ang monthly subscription ng SkyCable and Destiny dyan?

    Buti pa dito sa province, yang mga premium channels nyo dyan sa MM, walang extra charge

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    Oct 2002
    That's confirmed. Wala na yung mga Solar channels by Jan. 2008. I think the replacement channels are nowhere near programming quality. These Lopezes seem to do nothing right.

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No more BTV on SkyCable in 2008?