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    Sep 2003
    I have a relative who is undergoing dialysis for the past 2 years. Besides the lost of weight, I noticed yung character niya is very different. May periods siyang irrational at parang batang makulit. At meron naman matino yung pagiisip. Normal ba yung mood swing na 'to? Will this get worst as it goes on?
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    Nov 2005
    Baka may kinalaman yan sa depression.

    curious lang po. ano cause ng kidney failure nya? complications ba ng diabetes?

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    Oct 2002
    To put is plainly, yung medyo wala sa sarili usually before dialysis iyon kapag ipon ang toxins sa katawan. After dialysis, nagiging ok naman.

    Dati tinawag pa kong pulis ng pasyente at bakit ko daw siya inaaresto. :lol:
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    Aug 2003
    any idea how much dialysis costs locally?
    the figure i've got is anything from 5k - 10k per session, and from 1x to 3x a week (the US sites say 3X a week is mandatory).

    at those rates, even an upper-middle class family would be bankrupted pretty quick.

    i was wondering -- why is it so expensive? because of the dialyzate? diba na-re-recover naman yun up to 10 times?

    also, bakit lahat ng dialysis na naririnig ko is the hemodialysis? wala bang gumagawa nung PD dito? yung simplest form of PD di nga kailangan ng equipment, just two plastic bags.. pero messy nga. or is it na PD is not cheaper kasi yung dialyzate yung mahal?

    also i saw this product, the baxter homechoice pro, it's an overnight PD cyclic machine. invented by dean kamen (the guy who invented the Segway among other things).

    i was thinking, since yung mga fredenius and b. braun na hospital hemodialysis units are around $25k, the baxter homechoice should be sub-$10k. at that rate (assuming di ganun ka mahal yung dialysis fluid) it would be better to just buy the baxter homechoice than fork out 5k - 10k pesos 2X to 3X a week.

    doctors on the forum, comments?

    p.s. morbid lang ako and hoping i'll never need dialysis..

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    Oct 2002
    May PD naman sa UST. Pero very labor intensive ang PD (hindi natutulog yung clerk and hindi umaalis sa tabi ng pasyente). Alam ko ginagawa lang ito sa mga pasyenteng hindi pwede mag HD for one reason or another.

    Factors which inflate cost include expensive equipment, specially trained personell, and the fluids used in the actual session.

    Having dialysis done at home is not recommended since it does require specially trained personell and the correct aseptic methods (to prevent infection).
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    Aug 2003
    sa US home dialysis is a very common practice.

    yung PD sounds like it's cheaper kasi nga wala na yung polymer filter (your peritoneum substitutes for it!) so the only consumable is the fluid. i don't know how much those fluids cost...

    the baxter homechoice is completely automatic. basically connect it to your stent (or valve.. or whatever that "oil change" hole in your tummy is) and it will automagically cycle the dialysis fluid in and out of your stomach cavity while you sleep. pag gising mo next day, ayos na. you can go about your regular day. wala lang akong mahanap na pricing of the machine online.. hmmm.. (kasi covered yung lease niya by medicare in the US)

    i saw a HD machine in HMR before.. had a good laugh thinking about operating an HD clinic on the cheap (not to mention, it would have an actual value to poor people who can't afford a huge fee). turns out those things go for $1000 on e-Bay only (mga fredenius pa naman!) although there's no way of verifying functionality.

    so i guess the biggest cost would be the cost of the dialysis fluid (and maybe the labor). kasi the machine itself is $25k -- that's only as much as a midrange car. siguro naman in <1 year bawi na nung hospital yung cost nun.

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    Aug 2003
    update: the 2-liter bag of dialysis fluid costs Rs 145 in India. converted to pesos, mga 160 pesos lang yun. hmmmmm.....

    i've seen something similar. a former colleague's small daughter got Kawasaki syndrome. this is treated with gamma globulin. the total dosage cost something like 80,000 sa asian hospital.

    i got pretty pissed off by that because the cost of that entire dosage in the US is only 20,000 pesos. see what's happening here? the hospitals are screwing people who can hardly afford to refuse. i mean yung 80k para sa gamma globulin lang yun, on top of that pa yung mga professional fees etc.

    no parent would watch their kid suffer from kawasaki syndrome, so they would fork up the 80k. pero it sounds bad diba? the hospital is exploiting the distress of the parents to really give them a good reaming. i mean mahal ang health care sa US pero 4X yung price dito?!!!

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    Oct 2002
    orly: grabe pala...although i dont know what other fees ang kailangan..pero 80k bucks is no joke.

    ito pala ang pinaka malalang side effect ng dialysis...ubos pera..
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    Aug 2003
    yan pa scary.

    US regime is 3X a week ang dialysis. dito kasi nagtitipid binabawasan ginagawang 1X per week.

    problem is dialysis cleans your blood. parang oil change yan. so pag 1X per week paring nag 15000km ka without an oil change. kaya people end up dying anyway kahit nag-da-dialysis kasi kulang naman.

    someone na kilala ng friend ko died after 2 years of dialysis. you can imagine, ubos pera ng buong pamilya tapos namatay din in the end.

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    May 2005
    narinig ko dati iyan ,,sakit daw ng milyonaryo iyan sa sobrang laki ng gastos

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