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    Dec 2006
    According to, the site which initially 'leaked' the spy shots of the new Apple Nano, the new MacBooks are coming. Actually, the site's writers think they're MacBooks, but they may just the fabled MacBook Pro Slim line daw...

    Anyway, their features are:

    As taken from
    • Black aluminum and silver aluminum (like MacBook Pros) have been seen
    • They are considerably slimmer than current MacBook and even a bit more than MacBook Pros
    • The screen reaches much closer to the edges than current MacBooks but is the same size as current MacBooks - indicating a somewhat smaller footprint
    • The keyboards resemble Apple's new Bluetooth Keyboard
    • There is something strange about the touchpad (more on this to come)
    • They are set to be priced extremely aggressively
    • While they are dense, overall they are lighter than the current MacBooks
    • Possibly no DVD drive

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    Mar 2005
    priced aggressively meaning cheaper

    no DVD-RW, bad trips yan

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    Oct 2002
    aba...mahintay nga kung ano itsura nito bago mag decision sa lappy

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    Jun 2006
    I still wish there will be an apple 11 or 12" macbook pro. similar to Sony Vaio TZ

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