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    The Philippines Loves Basketball
    Filed under: Fantasy Basketball — PMad * 9:48 am

    Google seems to come out with an insane new web application on a daily basis. I discovered a new one while reading the blog Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (it’s a much better read than the title might imply, I’d highly recommend it for anyone interested in statistical modeling). It’s called Google Trends and it allows you to see how many searches have occurred in Google for any given word going back all the way to the start of 2004. The post I read was comparing searches on “***” vs “love” and noted the seasonal variations in both around holidays. And, in case you were wondering, searches for “***” were about twice as popular as “love”.

    So, I decided to play around with Google Trends a little. First, here are the results for the word “basketball”. Notice the big spike in searches around March every year. Not surprising at all - college basketball is appearing to drive basketball searches. You can also see that 2005 had a higher peak than 2004 or 2006. By the way, the letters refer to different articles that you can link to.

    Another interesting feature of Google Trends is that you can look at the popularity of searches by city and country (normalized by population). Expecting to see the US at the top of the county list for basketball searches, instead its number 2. Number 1? The Philippines! Does anyone have any idea why the Philippines would have the most searches for the word basketball? Other than the fact that Pilipinos’ love basketball?

    How does basketball compare to the other two big sports in this county?

    Football searches dominate (although how much of that is “American” football?), while basketball and baseball duke it out at over the course of a year. Basketball has that steep peak in March, football peaks around September, although much less steeply, and baseball searches rise in the summer but don’t really peak. How does basketball compare to some other sports?

    Personally, I was surprised on how many searches were conducted on both hockey and soccer and how few on NASCAR. NASCAR fans must still be learning how to work their series of tubes. And look at the soccer searches take off starting around May. Let’s see how fast it falls now that the world cup is over.

    Searching the words basketball, baseball, etc. are good at showing general popularity (on Google), but it doesn’t really say anything specific about the NBA or professional basketball. In fact, basketball searches look like they follow college basketball more than anything. So, what do the actual league trends look like?

    Now that’s more of what I was originally expecting. NBA searches jump up in October/November and stay up until the end of June. 2005 was also a more popular year for NBA searches than 2006. Thank Ron Artest, I guess (he’s the “B”).

    I could go on all day searching words. Thankfully, I don’t have a life.

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    Oct 2002
    interestingly enough, a parallel study on searches for "pr0n" found that volume peaked around lunchtime in the Philippines and midnight-early am in the Eastern US, which is coincidentally the same time all the menyeks of Tsikot are up and prowling the shoutbox :bwahaha:

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    Hehe, mga adik

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    galing ah.

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    Interesting. I better get my hands on them.....

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