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    Oct 2002
    CS for PS2 console? Meron na?

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    Oct 2002
    ibibili mo ba ako ninong?

    hmmm...console parin ako kahit na hindi ako gamer.kumbaga ginawa ang console for the sole purpose of gaming...kaya highly specialized siya to be used as that.

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    Oct 2002
    ako PC. personal preference lang ika nga ng isang nagpost. mas malaki potential ng PC pero mas magastos lalo na kung dedicated hardcore gamer ka hehe :D

    it also depends on the type of games you're into playing eh.

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    Nov 2003
    Advantage of pc gamers is that... they can also play PS/PS2 games, gameboys, or even SNES games using emulators... and i think meron na din program that can play XBOX games on your pc basta merong DVD rom... so why buy a console if you can play them all in just one system??? Eh kung may pera ka pambili ng magandang hardware for gaming, mas maeenjoy mo maglaro sa pc especially if your pc is a "high-end" type... PC GAMING RULEZ for me!!! ^_^

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    Oct 2002
    para sa akin mas masaya sa console. kasi sa console ilan kayong pwedeng mag laro sa iisang console lang diba. ang dali laruin. saka kung may bisita ka sa console mo naman pinapalaro diba. sa pc kasi parang hassle kung marami kayong maglalaro. pila-pila pa kayo. sa console kahit 2 o 4 kayo pwede. ika nga, mas masaya. pero kung mag isa ka lang pwede na sa pc kasi wala ka naman kahati e. pero kung mas masaya ka maglaro na mag-isa siguro mas ok sa iyo ung pc.

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    Sep 2003
    i'm firstly a pc hardware enthusiast and then a pc gamer... games are the most demanding apps for PCs... they serve as the driving force in pushing pc hardware technology forward...

    that means a constant, never-ending cycle of pc hardware upgrades, assembling, tweaking, and optimizing of your system... but it has become a hobby for me and i enjoy doing it... this for me is the fun factor... playing pc games is just the icing on the cake...

    this hobby however is not for everyone and that's why we have game consoles...
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    Oct 2002
    kaya din naman ng multiplayer sa pc ah. ginawa na namin yan sa nba live 2004, 3 usb ps2 controllers :D
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    Mar 2004
    I think the biggest fun factor that the CONSOLE has to offer is the fact that allows you to have FUN in the shortest amount of time. You take the console out of the box, plug in the controllers and power, connect to the tv and you're all set. In less than 30 minutes from the time you opened the box, you're already jamming on the controller having a helluva time.

    On the other hand, for the PC, before you can even play a single game, you'd have to set up the PC first. Install the OS. Configure odds and ends. Then you'd have to install the game. Sometimes, you'd have to connect to the WEB to download the latest patch for the game. Then and only then can you start to have fun. Also, you'd have to have LAN connection be able to play against other players. A lot of work... Pero, for me, part of the fun is actually doing the chores mentioned above. It's also fun to be able to tweak your system to your hearts content to squeeze out the last ounce of horse power and framerate for that new game (DOOOOOM3!!!!)

    Plus there's the potential to extend the lifespan of a PC game via player community MODS and enhancements.

    I have nothing against CONSOLE gaming ha...

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    Aug 2003
    tama yung ibang poster sa taas. it depends on the type of games you're into. if you like arcade type games you will have more fun on a console. but if you're into something more complicated, pc is the way to go.

    this is just another religious debate that has zealots from both sides saying one is better than the other.

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    Jun 2004
    Most of PC games are loner type games. Mag-isa ka sa kwarto, concentrating on a game. Minsan patay ang ilaw. Games like Warcraft, Quake, Diablo, are all like that even if it's online.

    Consoles are not as pathetic. You play it on your living room on your big screen TV. Kung may bisita, you can pop in a fighting game like Tekken or Soul Calibre and the entire room would lit up. Agawan ang controls, masaya talaga lalo na kung Smackdown, NBA Live, or even Fight Night 2004.

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PC Gamers vs. Console gamers