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    Feb 2005
    as with what the others have said, it depends on your needs.

    with laptops, you are spending more on portability rather than power or features. spending the same amount for a desktop would yield an very fast pc full of nicknacks with some dough left over.

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    Sep 2005
    I prefer laptops over desktops since I'm not a gamer & I don't run any CPU intensive tasks. Anong purpose ng PC sa iyo?

    Kalimitan surfing lang saka typing purpose ng PC sakin. May occasional Photoshop at encoding. Ang gusto ko sa laptop, hindi gaanong malakas sa electricity at pwede paring pakinabangan ang portability niya sa bahay. Like now, nandito ako sa couch nagsusurf habang nanunuod ng CSI Miami. Hindi ako glued sa isang space. Isang charge abot ng ~3 hours+, at kapag naubusan madaling ilipat ang adaptor. Actually, kabebenta ko lang ng parts ng desktop ko kasi nawalan na ito ng purpose.

    Goodluck on your purchase.

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by morrissey_05
    iba experience of playing the best pc games sa laptop. mas ok for me to play the games on a desktop bec of the great visuals and sounds. masarap kung maganda speakers mo tapos yanig bahay mo hehehehe

    ideally, i prefer a desktop for games, writing, etc. then a laptop when im on the go.
    I agree...

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    Oct 2004
    i'll go for a laptop: my top 3 reasons
    - portable
    - takes up less space
    - no worries about power outtages

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    Aug 2005
    pero if you still want the power of the desktop combined with the mobility of a laptop you can always opt for shuttle. upgraedable din sya like a standard desktop pero maliit lang sya (mas maliit pa sa gym bag!!!)


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    Aug 2005



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    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21
    btw, don't buy branded desktops (e.g. Compaq, Acer, HP, IBM, etc.)!! hindi kasi upgradeable ang mga branded na desktop pcs for future-proofing (like memory, hard-disk, vidcard, processor, mobo, etc.) at ang mahal pa sobra (imagine celeron or sempron lang processor pumapalo na ng 50000php+!!!).
    Pare, IMO mali quote mo, halos lahat ng "branded" computer pwede i upgrade, the question is how much? Heck you can even use non OEM spec components for components like HDs, Video Cards, CD/DVDs.

    to sum it up

    Power User with limited budget - Desktop
    Non-Power user with limited budget - entry level to mid level laptop
    Power User with unlimited budget - Top of the line Mac


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    Jan 2005
    i have a laptop ASUS A6Va with 1.73GHz Pentium M and ATI X700 128MB, so far so good i got 2 1/2 hours in battery mode, of course i can play a lot of 3D games of it of course u have to plug it in to maximize the GPU and CPU... for only less than 70K in philippine money....

    Here is my spec:

    Pentium M Dothan 740 1.73 GHz
    512 MB DDR2 533MHz added 1 stick 512MB now in dual channel
    ATI mobility Radeon X700 128MB
    15.4" WXGA
    8X +- DVDRW/dual TSSTCorp built in
    60G 4200RPM 2Mbuffer Hitachi upgraded after 2 months to 80G 5400RPM 8Mbuffer WD Scorpio

    im using my 60G as a USB external mobile drive
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    Oct 2002
    Laptop if youre on the go, if not, then a desktop would be fine.

    question lang - if I have a 1GB RAM notebook with a shared video (integrated graphics up to 128MB), does it mean it will eat up 128MB from my 1GB memory? will it still be noticeably slower compared to those notebooks with 'separate' video memory?

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    Sep 2004
    Had the same dilemma since two years ago, when we were looking to replace my wife's ancient desktop PC na Windows 95 pa ang OS. Naka-ilang punta na kami sa mga installment madness fairs, tumitingin ng mga laptops and desktops. Then, nitong huling 0% madness sa Glorietta, nakatyempo din kami, an Asus A3400L laptop. PhP45,+++ for 256MB RAM, pina-upgrade na namin to 512MB for PhP47,+++. We decided on the laptop dahil sa business namin, the computer has to be mobile para makapag-present kami sa mga clients.

    So far we're very satisfied with our purchase. Kabibili pa lang, dinala na namin sa Seattle's Best, the built-in Wi-Fi worked instantly. Four USB ports, Firewire, IR, built-in card reader, internal modem, CD-RW/DVD combo drive, sulit na sulit for us. Only gripe is wala siyang TV out, tsaka 40GB lang yung storage, that's why we're saving up for an external hard drive next, and an external DVD writer. At least meron na kaming flash drive for easy file transfers. Nagpa-install din kami ng Avid Xpress editing software, so we can do simple linear editing projects. At kahit prepaid dial-up lang, at least nakakapag-surf/chat na sa bahay!

    Personally I would have wanted a Powerbook G4, kaso sobrang lampas na siya sa budget namin eh. But I dare say that we came at a very good compromise with what we got.

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