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    Oct 2002
    what isp do you use? dial up, cable or pre-paid. maganda ba services and how much is your plan and minutes free? i currently use infocom and am trying to look for better ones. my plan is pro30(meaning 30 mins free) and P990 monthly. P1 per minute excess sa free minute

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    Oct 2002
    ako nasa states ako pero comment ko na rin ang gamit ko , cable ( COX )
    tapos kasama na ang TFC nito ( The FIlipino Channel ) . Ang bilis , download ka ng
    music sa cd siguro mga max 10 mins lang . $ 90 nga lang pero libre na 3 premium na
    channels sa cable .

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    Oct 2002
    Tanong lang Daddy... With Cable ba, fix ang charge no matter how long you use it? Gusto ko kasing mag-apply para sa bahay namin or sa opis.

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    Oct 2002
    im using cable right now, its unlimited internet, may fixed price na

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    Oct 2002

    bracket metering kami -- what you pay depends on usage

    Monthly Usage -- Monthly Charges
    less than 1 hour -- FREE
    1 - 15 -- 605.00
    16 - 30 -- 935.00
    31 - 60 -- 1,485.00
    61 - 100 -- 2,035.00
    101 - 160 -- 2,585.00
    161 - 250 -- 3,135.00
    251 - 360 -- 3,685.00
    over 360 -- 10.00/hr

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    Oct 2002
    dsl. mabilis and unlimited rin. may promo pa ngayon ang pldt.

    m using a dial-up though ok rin siya. bell telecoms.

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    Oct 2002
    i called pldt to inquire the dsl. P3000 unlimited use for a month for residencial line. pag business fone gamit mo, mahal P5000 unlimited / month. but 2 multiusers puwede meaning kahit sabay 2 computers gamit, puwede. plus may P2500 one time installation fee pa. but mabilis ang speed niya 256kbps compared sa 44kbps ng dial up infocom ko. or you can inquire about their Now cable but hindi lahat ng area meron daw. same with the Skycable isp, di lahat area meron. but usually mga friends ko naka Destiny cable, yun nga lang ngayon lang NBA channel and Star channels. kasi i think P2500/month yata with TV cable na dun. sa DSL pala, kahit fone line mo gamit ng ISP, you can still use the landphone.

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    Oct 2002
    I ahve tried both the DSL of pldt & eastern... PLDT DSL is slow!!! Only slightly faster than a 56k modem!!! Eastern Telecoms DSL is really fast... I can download a 10meg file in less than 2 mins.

    For business accounts ito... pricing is about the same... problem is service area.

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    Oct 2002
    Eastern Telecoms DSL, meyron kaya ito sa mga probensya? sa Manila lang ba ito?

    Balak ko rin sanang pakabit sa probensya namin (Pangasinan).

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    Oct 2002
    using an unlimited dial-up account now but planning to switch to Destiny cable soon... ok na daw yung destiny ngayon compared to a year ago...

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