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    Apr 2006
    To start with, I don't know what "it" is called. "It" referring to probably a software, Windows XP settings, etc. But let me try to illustrate. Let's say you're a participant in an exhibit and you've got a booth or something. Then you've got an interactive presentation, say on a laptop or desktop ofcourse, which could be anything from say an interactive slideshow, offline webpage, flash animation, etc. And ofcourse, you'd like visitors to your booth to, basically, interact with your presentation (you know, for people who might be too shy to approach you to begin with) and atleast gather more info regarding your booth's exhibit. Hence an "info kiosk" similar to those "Mall Directories", etc. or like the ones in airports.

    Hence they should be able to use (at the least) your mouse (or any other pointing device) and/or keyboard so they can navigate through your presentation. BUT you wouldn't want your visitors to be able to access anything else in your desktop/laptop outside of your presentation. Like running a screen saver that doesn't go back to your Windows application once the mouse/keyboard is used. Ofcourse, except for a "secret" keystroke maybe, followed by a password.

    So my question is how does one go about with this? What's needed? Software? If so, free open source software suggestions would be very welcome. Preferably for Windows XP.


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    Apr 2006
    Sorry just found out they really are indeed called info kiosks (after I thought of one last quick google before hitting the sack )... and I need an info kiosk software to turn any PC into one. So..

    ...any suggestions for a free info kiosk software for Windows XP you guys might have tried/tested/used? My search results mostly show me either free software in development stage or software that needs to be bought or linux-based.


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    Oct 2002
    its programmed too. and it can run via browser.
    you can have it created using combination of Java, MS DOT NET, C# and if you need to get information from your visitors, you may need MS SQL or MYSQL.

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    Oct 2008
    Not sure if needed pa yun info, pero ito from microsoft (di pala pede kasi less 10 pa lang post ko. ) pa-google na lang "windows xp kiosk mode" tas yun 2nd search result yun na yun.

    tas mga options para sa kiosk mo, pede ka gumamit ng opera browser tas meron dun kiosk mode. tas syempre i-pair mo with MS Shared Toolkit (dun din sa link na binigay ko sa taas).

    or yun gawa ng iba, flash naman.

    pero mas flexible yun opera+MS Shared Toolkit compared sa pure flash lang. kung web based kasi ang presentation mo mas madali mag update ng content. and kung gusto mo ng flash, pede din sya i-load naman sa browser just as easily.

Exhibit Info Kiosk?