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    Jul 2004

    Some items in Ebay US caught my attention and would like to participate on bidding/purchase. They are very cheap compared to item on local stores. I don't have any account there yet but can ask some of my friends in US to buy/bid the item for me. I need some feedback from those who have first hand experience on ebay transaction.

    1) Is this safe? Such that seller of the item is reputable?
    2) Is the item good as advertised? No hidden, misdeclaration, etc.
    3) How the payment is transacted? Do you have to pay it prior to item delivery or upon delivery?
    4) Is there any bidding charge?

    So bottomline, is this advisable?

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    Apr 2004
    yes it is safe...

    ingat lang sa shipping... sobrang mahal minsan... minsan they dont ship to philippines din so check mo sa shipping and payment options

    depende minsan kasi may hidden, pero more often than not wala...

    payment naman through paypal... since paypal doesnt include pinas... wire transfer/bank transfer check and money order usually kapag dito ka galing sa pinas...

    no bidding charge...

    masadvisable mag-bid sa although konti lang choices mo at yun mga rare items wala...

    do you mind, ano yun product na interested ka baka pwede kita ikuha... hehehe i can practically get anything imported eh... parang blackmarket hehehehe...

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    Oct 2002
    Having had a 57 feedbacks from eBay, I would say it is safe.

    Check sellers feedback and decide for yourself if the seller is reputable. Never send a personal check or wire transfer. Use BidPay if you dont trust PayPal.

    All your questions can be answered by the FAQ of the said seller. Of course, no C.O.D.

    Buyer doesnt pay any treansaction charges, only the seller.

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    Apr 2004
    i buy and sell items nga pala sa ebay... i sell my products there and once in a while (which is madalas) i buy items din... yun mga rare or something that tickles my fancy...

    ingat ka nga pala sa clothing size... ilang beses na ako nadali dun... play safe... medium...

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    Oct 2002
    e-bay is ok if you consider that there is a small chance that you will be completely screwed out of your money - sometimes by people with favorable feedback. the biggest thing i have against ebay is that they offer absolutely NO protection or support to the people who use their service.

    if it's a smaller item and the seller has a pretty decent amount of good feedback, i would take the risk. if it's a larger-ticket item, i would try to take the transaction have a friend visit the seller, look at the item and negotiate in that way.

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    Oct 2002
    active ako sa pero di pa rin ako 100 % confident na bumili although i already bought a few items pero nagmi-meet kami ng sellers. ebay US ok naman basta yung seller marami ng positive feedbacks. pero yung brother ko sa US ayaw nyang bumili sa ebay dahil marami daw manloloko sa experience nya.

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    Oct 2002
    I dont consider buying anything having a value of $200 and above if its from a private seller (i.e. not an eBay store)

    AFAIK, most US eBay sellers will not ship to ASIA. Thanks to scammers from Thailand :swear:

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    Aug 2003
    well, we've purchased a few items for the office thru ebay; isang beses lang naman kami tinakbuhan. i'd say relatively safe naman, basta sa seller with lots of positive feedback ka lang bumili.

    what's a real pain in the *$$ though is that most sellers will only accept payment via PayPal; to open a PayPal account, you need to enroll a back account or credit card, but the catch is that they won't accept credit cards here in the Philippines(i think this has something to do with the Philippines' lack of anti money laundering laws).

    We managed to open an account before they got strict with this rule, pero after a few months they suspended our account at kung anu anong documents/billing statements ang hinihingi; di kami makabayad agad sa seller, kaya na negative feedback tuloy kami.

    nakigamit na lang kami ng paypal account from a guy we know in HK

    some sellers accept money order though(usually via Union) -- kaso sobrang taga ng rates

    some items are quite cheap though; pacompute mo muna siguro ung shipping/handling charges para sigurado

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    Jul 2004
    Wow, tremendous feedback within 7 hours. Thanks to all. So safe naman pala but offcourse there is still always that risk. Pioneer head unit is what caught my interest in US. There are some DEH P7700MP that are being sold there cheap (100USD). My US based coleague will buy it for me there and will handcarry it on his christmas visit here. He will take care for all the payment and would just settle it here as I receive the product. That's the arrangement. Thanks to the advice guys.

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    Aug 2005
    You can safely register anytime you wish. If you are interested in a certain item, contact the seller first before bidding and ask him/her regarding the transaction and additional charges. Most of the items are priced excluding courier charges so you must be aware of it.

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