I would like to inform everybody the B_ _ _ _ _ _ T that this computer store had done to me. A few months ago, i bought my CPU in this store but after a few weeks, something went wrong, suddenly it did not work. I brought it to the store and told the people there that my CPU was not working, they checked it and told me that the memory was damaged, they told me that it wasn't covered by the warranty since the damage was a physical damage, according to the girl there. I asked what physical damage is, and lo and behold, the girl told me that "BASTA PHYSICAL DAMAGE YAN, BILI KA NA LANG NG BAGO MEMORY, BAKA NAIHIAN NG DAGA, PHYSICAL DAMAGE YUN". that's a BS, i said. After they sense that i won't bite their trap, they told me to leave the CPU and they will repair it. it took me 3 weeks to get but after i got it, it did not work! Again, i have to bring it to their shop. Early morning today, i called them and told me that it was ready for pick up. At around 5 pm today, i was at their shop to pick it up.
but another BS was done by that f....... shop. The CD driver is not working, when i open the casing to check, i saw that the cables are not connected. they're really doing it in purpose to make **** on me.

hope this helps so you can avoid this computer shop, they really sucks.

again, avoid this[SIZE="4"] DYNAMIC ULTRA TECH, INC [/SIZE]located in Cyberzone Carpark Plaza, SM city North Esa